Monday, December 1, 2008

App through Round 1 of long fight

If there is a single point of emphasis to Appalachian State's current stay in the FCS playoffs, it's to take this one game at a time. That may be the biggest cliche in sports, but it's a cliche because it's true; if you don't do so, you get beat.

The Mountaineers beat S.C. State in the first round 37-21 Saturday, but clung to a three-point lead in the fourth quarter, and could have lost but for a couple of clutch plays. Now they wait for Richmond, which plays ASU in Boone at noon next Saturday in the second round.

And, despite three straight national titles, you can't get coaches or players to look any farther ahead than the Spiders.

"It's a stepladder, and like I was telling the guys during (Saturday's) warmups, this is Round One," said wide receiver T.J. Courman, a senior who would love a fourth ring but who can't let himself think about it. "This is a four-round heavyweight bout and we've got to get through all of them. We conquered our first obstacle, and we'll bring 'em on next week."

The win over the Bulldogs was interesting, because S.C. State tried to take the run away and Appalachian said, "Fine, we'll throw." And QB Armanti Edwards passed for a school-record 433 yards.

"I'm not apologetic about throwing," ASU coach Jerry Moore said. "We've got good receivers, we've got quarterbacks who are good at throwing the ball. If they're going to dictate that to you, we (don't have) an ego about running the ball. We like to run the ball; that's our first choice. But if you let us throw, we'll do it."

-- Stan Olson


Dax Zandt said...

Go for 4 APPS!