Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shuey's stock rises after Shrine Bowl play

South Mecklenburg High linebacker/fullback Spencer Shuey made a splash during last week's Shrine Bowl practices and game in Spartanburg, and college coaches noticed.

Although Shuey, who is 6-foot-3 and 240 pounds, did have offers from Illinois, Duke and Appalachian State among others, most of the major schools in the area hardly seemed to have noticed him.

Then came the Shrine Bowl.

Shuey wound up as the North Carolina squad's defensive MVP in his team's 24-16 loss Saturday. He had eight tackles, including two for losses, but seven of them came in little more than a quarter, before he broke his thumb.
Since the game, the calls have been pouring in.

"Clemson has called," South Mecklenburg coach James Martin said this evening. "North Carolina called and talked to his father, and Tennessee is showing interest. This weekend certainly has helped; just being named MVP in the game has made a difference."

Martin was asked why Shuey, who rushed for over 1,200 yards and scored 14 touchdowns offensively and had 87 tackles on defense, seemed to play under the radar for much of his career.

"He plays baseball as well (third base), and nowadays sophomores and juniors in high school go to the summer camps and attract attention there," Martin said. It also hurt that the rebuilt Sabres, who reached the state semifinals this season, had struggled in recent years.

"He was sort of a late bloomer. And he's absolutely able to play at the next level."

That could be at any number of positions. Schools are looking at him at middle linebacker, defensive end, tight end or fullback, Martin said.

"And he has very good speed," Martin said. "We've clocked him at 4.7 in the 40 (yard dash)."

- Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

2 words for Shuey.

Appalachian State. Play for a championship.

Michael said...

Two more: Be relevant. Play MAJOR college football, not with and against the kids who couldn't hack it at the highest level.

Rabbit said...

Michael's right, don't play for any of those ACC teams.

appgrad77 said...

Play at App State...a team that knows how to win consistantly

Michael said...

...against powerhouses like Wofford and Wingate.