Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Edwards a finalist for FCS version of Heisman

The Walter Payton Award has become the Heisman Trophy of the Football Championship Subdivision. Three finalists have been named, and one is Appalachian State quarterback Armanti Edwards.

He's competing with RB Herb Donaldson of Western Illinois and QB Rodney Landers of James Madison.

Asked this week about his quarterback's candidacy, Mountaineers coach Jerry Moore said, "He's very deserving of that. At our level, he's one of the best athletes in the country, not only athletically but (in) productivity.

"He's been the quarterback of two national championship teams and he -- well, his team -- has got us in the playoffs again. I think most people that have seen him play like what he does."

Edwards, though, is focusing on the playoffs -- App plays Richmond Saturday in Boone in the quarterfinals.

"I haven't even thought about it," he said of the Payton award. "(Being a finalist) is a great accomplishment and a great feeling. Without the team I wouldn't be in it, and at the same time you have to put the award in the back seat to the playoffs."

The winner will be named on Dec. 18 in Chattanooga.

-- Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

He is a no brainer. He is the best player out there. He is not stopable when he is 100% healthy. Go ASU