Saturday, November 29, 2008

S.C. State strategy against ASU backfires

You may have noticed that Appalachian State’s last touchdown in its 37-21 NCAA playoff victory against S.C. State today in Boone came with 4.7 seconds to play. Were the Mountaineers running up the score?
Not exactly.

Appalachian, with a safe 10-point lead, was trying to run the clock out with less than a minute left. But S.C. State called timeouts with 18 and 12 seconds remaining.

The Mountaineers, with the game won, were irritated. You want to keep playing, we’ll keep playing.

So quarterback Armanti Edwards threw deep, hitting receiver Brian Quick. The latter made a fine catch in the end zone, good for a 33-yard touchdown.

“It was kind of bone-headed on my part,” S.C. State coach Buddy Pough said of the timeouts. “He (Appalachian State coach Jerry Moore) taught me a lesson. It serves me right.”

Had it not happened that way, Edwards would not have broken Richie Williams’ school record of 413 passing yards in a game. Edwards was finished with 400 until the last-second touchdown throw. That gave him the new mark of 433.

The Mountaineers, by the way, will face Richmond in Kidd Brewer Stadium next week, in the second round of the FCS playoffs.

—Stan Olson


Anonymous said...

South Carolina State- what a joke they are. Show some class, if you want to irritate the most successful football program in the carolinas congrats. You lose, go home.

Anonymous said...

SCSU was not a joke. They showed up and fought hard. I thought the officiating was a little off and I was, as was most of the stadium, shocked by the timeouts at the end of the game.

Regardless, great game SCSU.

Anonymous said...

Good for you Jerry Moore. And good for Armanti, one final spark on an excellent passing day for him that also produced two interceptions, a rareity. Richmond, you are on notice...again.

stanolson said...

Timeouts aside, Armanti Edwards is amazing. And I liked what Jerry Moore said after the game, that S.C. State geared up to stop the run and that "If they give us the pass, we'll take it." He said his team has no ego problems that make it insist on running. He let Edwards pick 'em apart.

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