Monday, December 8, 2008

Heels' Houston happy to head home

North Carolina sophomore running back Ryan Houston, who played at Charlotte's Butler High, has had more than 100 requests for tickets from family and friends.

CHAPEL HILL — There may be a few North Carolina players who would rather have played in an out-of-state postseason game, rather than the Meineke Bowl on Dec. 27.

But not running back Ryan Houston.

The sophomore from Butler said Monday he's already received requests from friends and family in the Charlotte area for 100 tickets, and he loves the idea of playing close to home.

"I always wanted to play at -- it's Bank of America Stadium now, but when I was growing up, it was Ericsson Stadium -- I always wanted to play in there,'' he said. "When I was a senior, and I was in the Shrine Bowl, we went to the Giants and Panther game, and me (and a couple of other players) ... went, and got presented at halftime as being the players representing North Carolina and South Carolina. It was kind of fun being on the field, and it will be even better playing on it."

— Robbi Pickeral