Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moore talks of next year

Following Appalachian State's first playoff loss in four years, coach Jerry Moore held a conference call this morning while driving past
Richmond, on the road recruiting. He was wrapping up 2008 and looking ahead at the same time.
"We're all on the road recruiting, up in Virginia, Pennsylvania, to down in Florida," Moore said. "Some coaches left Monday night, most
left Tuesday morning. We haven't done this in three years; we haven't been able to recruit before Christmas because of the championship
runs. So it's a little bit get back on track. I'd a whole lot rather be getting ready to play somebody else."
Moore said he talked to the team about what lies ahead "For four or five hours" Monday morning.
"The main thing for us is to try and grow some of the young guys up; get some kids healed up. Work hard on developing really strong
leadership through some of the competitive things in the spring, through the weight room, through the lifting through the running.
We've got issues, not meaning that there's anything bad. But those are things we think we've got to do to get to the level that we want to be
at. I think we're pretty close.
"We've got a lot of players coming back, but I don't think you can just say 'status quo' either, and just think that because they're
young and coming back that you're gonna be good.
"You've got to work harder; I know staff-wise, we made a commitment to work harder than we've ever worked."
Someone asked Moore if he thought ASU's dynasty was over.
"Is it the end? I don't think that," he said. "It would be the end if we all quit. If we quit working that would be the end. That never even
crossed my mind. You take the Patriots, the Boston Celtics, the Yankees; at some point in time they lose. But they don't quit; it's
not the end of the dynasty.
"I can speak for myself; I'm probably more driven now than in the 20 years I've been at Appalachian State."
*Moore thinks highly of Rod Chisholm, a running back from Independence High who was redshirted as a freshman this season after
coming off ankle surgery. Chisholm is a talented player and Moore thinks he will see considerable playing time in the future. That might
have happened this year if the Mountaineers had known they would have so many injuries at the position.


Seth said...

ASU will storm back next year faster, stronger and hungrier than ever. Get ready Pirates, we'll see you in Greenville! GO APPS, FIGHT APPS, GO, FIGHT, KICK ASS!

BuschLeagueApp said...

How many articles is the observer going to write about app losing and how they are going to be so "good" next year. Listen, the college football season is not over and I think about every football team in this state still has games to play except APP. How about articles on bowl matchups, injury updates, BCS problems or anything else relating to the ongoing college football season. Is the observer really going to spend all offseason trying to hype up APP up or make excuses for why they lost to Richmond? I think the Observer owes it to its readers to lay off the app coverage until at least spring practice and cover the teams that are actually still playing. I used to be a fan of the observation from the 50 put this whole APP state stuff has gotten out of control, I mean two articles in one day, could you not find something better to right about?

kevin said...

To the deeply intelligent individual who doesn't think ASU should get any off season coverage. I would like to speak for the THOUSANDS of ASU grads that live within the Charlotte area and say "get real". Appalachian has earned the right to be given equal coverage during the last decade of it's success. If App had a losing team (or one that barely won 6 games) they would not deserve as much attention (i.e. 2004). There is an extremely large ASU following in the area, and the Observer serves them well by covering what their customers want. If you want less coverage, start praying that your team gets better or start helping some ASU Alumni move.

Dax Zandt said...

Great article! ASU deserves the coverage because it is the most successful college football program in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

And im sure ASU is the only school with thousands of alumni in the charlotte area, "Get Real". They should get offseason coverage, but during the offseason. College football is far from over, the observer would do its readers a service by continuning to cover the 100's of teams that are still playing and the 4 teams that are in this state that still have post season games.

Rabbit said...

Please BuschLeague, tell me where you found all these articles on App? I'd love to read them. Outside of this blog, the coverage of App football is minimal compared to UNC, NC State, Wake, USC, Duke, and Clemson. To some, what a school that will not win its 4th straight championship is doing is bigger news then what a 6-6 team is doing. But, some disagree. That's why they have multiple articles, to cover as much as possible.