Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grobe still fits at Wake Forest

Jim Grobe is entering his ninth season as Wake Forest's head football coach and that's longer than many expected him to stay in Winston-Salem.

Grobe became a hot property after leading the Deacons to the ACC championship three years ago and his star hasn't dimmed significantly with 28 victories in three seasons with a program once considered among the worst in Division I-A football.

Asked Sunday if he's surprised Grobe is still the Deacons' coach, quarterback Riley Skinner said, "Yes."

It's not as if Grobe hasn't had opportunities to leave Wake Forest. The most serious consideration came more than a year ago when it appeared Grobe might accept the Arkansas job. Instead, he remained at Wake Forest.

"It doesn't surprise anyone that every other school is after him," Skinner said. "He's an unbelievable coach and an unbelievable mentor.

"After the Arkansas deal, we were just very excited and grateful that he was going to stay with us.

"He's a loyal guy. He loves his players and I think his wife really likes Winston-Salem. He likes the fact that he's built this program and he really has. If nothing's wrong, why change?"

-- Ron Green Jr.


Anonymous said...

WF landed a top-notch coach. Most D-1 coaches are chasing the BBD or dont like staying in one place too long. Kudos to the Grobes, Bowdens, Paternos, Osbornes, and Richts that help make football great.

Anonymous said...

He is NOT Butch Davis, who will own you'all the ACC and BCS this year! Represent!

Tuesdy said...

...and I thank God he's not Butch Davis. 1980.

Anonymous said...

Butch Davis should return all of his raise if he doesn't produce big time THIS YEAR. With all the talent he's recruited, he's got to show us he is not another washed-up Steve Spurrier!

GlenLaurel said...

Grobe's such a fantastic person, on and off the field - no showbusiness, no BS, and a lot of heart. He believes in his team as a whole and individually, and they believe in him; you can't buy that kind of integrity. (deacs'07)

Anonymous said...

ECU is going to dismantle UNC-CH this year in Kenan. UNC-CH is coached by a washed up smoke and mirrors man, Butch Davis, who blackmailed the school into an undeserved raise last year. The fraud will be exposed this year. ECU 35 - UNC-CH 3.

Anonymous said...

What a JOKE! ECU is nothing but trailer trash and BD will own you!