Monday, July 27, 2009

And the Clemson quarterback is...

Tigers coach Dabo Swinney said Monday that he’s settled on a starting quarterback this season before the start of preseason drills, which begin next week.

“His name is Kyle Korn,” Swinney said, taking the first name from Kyle Parker and the last from Willy Korn, the two players competing for the job.

As if Swinney didn’t have enough to deal with entering his first full season as the Tigers’ head coach, he must monitor the competition between Korn and Parker.

The good news, Swinney said, is his two quarterbacks have more similarities than differences. Parker has a stronger arm, Swinney said, but both are capable of making the necessary passes and both are effective runners.

Swinney said he is resigned to using two quarterbacks this season.

“We have too many competitive drills to resigned to that,” Swinney said.

“And whatever decision we make will not be final. That guy still has to go out and play.

“No matter who wins the job, I’d like to play the second team every game. That’s something I believe in.”

When someone asked Swinney if he’d feel better with a clear-cut starting quarterback, the coach said, “I wish I had a Tim Tebow. It’d make my job a lot easier.”
-- Ron Green Jr.