Monday, July 27, 2009

Deacons playing role reversal game

Last year, Wake Forest had to rely on its defense to win games because the offense, which underwent a couple of in-season scheme changes, rarely found a rhythm.

After the loss of defensive stars Aaron Curry and Alphonso Smith, it may fall to the offense to help the defense this fall for the Deacons.

“Our offense put our defense in some terrible situations last year,” head coach Jim Grobe said. “We asked those guys to do too much because we weren’t very good offensively.

“I hope we’re better at controlling the ball this year. That can help our defense.”

One encouraging sign, Grobe said, is the overall team speed which may be the best in his nine seasons at Wake Forest.

“The issue is not having them run fast,” Grobe said. “It’s having them run fast to the right places,”

-- Ron Green Jr.