Monday, July 27, 2009

FSU's Bowden 'motivated'

GREENSBORO — Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said he hopes he gets to keep the 14 victories the NCAA wants to strip from his record as punishment for academic fraud (which allegedly involved 61 Seminoles athletes cheating on an online course). But if he doesn't win his appeal, he said, "I'll be just as motivated."

Entering the season, Penn State coach Joe Paterno, 82, boasts 383 career victories, the most in major college football history. Bowden, 79, is one behind at 382.

"That little thing that's happening between me and Joe is something we didn't plan on; it just happened,'' Bowden said. "The fact that there ain't nobody behind us makes it interesting. It's probably 25 years before anybody can win that many games. It just happened, and I like it -- I hate to have it taken away, but it may happen. I won't cut my wrists over it, there's more to life than that for me. But it's fun. But I'll be just as motivated with or without. -- Robbi Pickeral


Real Fake Sports said...

Taking wins away is a stupid punishment. No one is talking about Alamaba's wins that were taken away because their coach isn't chasing an all-time wins record. Would be a shame to lose a shot at the record due to an academic scandal. But we can still make fun of it.

To Avoid Another Cheating Scandal, Florida State Athletes Will No Longer Attend Class