Saturday, October 10, 2009

USC snuffs it out

I thought it was a bit strange when Kentucky handed the ball off on third-and-long, already in field goal position. Well it turns out the Wildcats were just setting up a fake field goal attempt.

But when Randall Cobb, your best athlete, is your holder, the other team will ALWAYS be watching for the fake.

Sure enough Cobb took the snap and ran. Kentucky kicker Lones Seiber tried to sell the fake by kicking into the air, but the Gamecocks were already trained on Cobb.

C.C. Whitlock was there. So was Darian Stewart (his shoulder apparently healed after the stinger he suffered in the first half.) And Damario Jeffery was also around the play. Cobb got nowhere near the marker.

You can be sure that Shane Beamer and the staff had USC’s field goal defense unit ready for that all week.

– Seth Emerson, The State