Friday, October 2, 2009

Pack vs. Wake: In their own words

Tom O'Brien explains the direction of N.C. State's offense and Leroy Burgess talks about facing Wake Forest's defense in some of the best quotes from this week.

N.C. State visits Wake Forest at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, and these quotes were worth sharing before deleting the files to clear memory space on the digital recorder:

"I just put the ball where I think guys can go get it. And I just hope they get it, pretty much." - Quarterback Russell Wilson on the catch Jamelle Eugene made to steal an interception away from a Pittsburgh defender last week.

"I think I got two (blindside hits) before it woke me up a little bit. . . .It was my first year coming in playing, and I was a little antsy, I guess you could say a little juiced up, not reading my keys and wanting to make a play." - Defensive tackle Leroy Burgess, on facing Wake Forest's complicated misdirection plays last year.

"I would consider it an advantage (having played the first four games at home). We know how we’re going to play at home. We’re 3-1 now. The crowd’s backing us up good. There’s a buzz about us. Us playing at home gave us, we kind of came together and there wasn’t as much pressure playing at home as playing on the road." - Tight end George Bryan

"We have to play the way we play. Right now we're a little more of a throwing football team than we've been in the past. We're more of a spread the field to get guys on the field. . . .One of the strengths of our offense is the quarterback and the wide receivers, so we have to keep them involved in the game. You look at coming in we weren't sure what we had in Toney Baker and (Jamelle) Eugene's missed a couple games cause of injury so we've been a little banged up there. The more the backs get healthy and the more we get a little better up front, we are improving a little bit on the offensive line, we finally got it back intact this game, maybe we'll be able to start running the ball a little more." - Coach Tom O'Brien on N.C. State's offense

"He’s a good guy first and foremost. But he’s a tough, hard-nosed football coach. He’s a guy that gets his kids to play every Saturday. It’s a no non-sense approach. They block and tackle. There’s not a lot of frills involved. He’s just a good fundamental football coach. His record proves he’s an awful good football coach. - Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe on Tom O'Brien


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Pack > Wake > Duke > Heels