Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kentucky keeps the pressure up

And then it was a two-point game.
Kentucky’s Randall Cobb runs his way downfield out of the Wildcat formation, finishing up with a 3-yard touchdown run on third down.

Then, needing the two-point conversion to tie the game, and with Cobb so successful on the drive,
Kentucky then put Will Fiddler, the backup quarterback, back into the game to attempt a throw.

Shock of shocks, it was unsuccessful. Cliff Matthews batted the pass away after getting into the backfield. USC now clings to a 28-26 lead with 4:34 left.

Cobb did most of the damage on the drive, mostly up the middle, the key play being a run down inside the 5. Cobb broke through the line of scrimmage with several Gamecocks failing to wrap him up.

On the scoring play, Kentucky Fiddler, the backup quarterback who played the previous play, to the left side to line up at receiver. While no one in the building believed Fiddler was going to get a pass, USC still had to line up a defender on him - one less guy to stack the box and spy Cobb.

The Gamecocks need at least a couple first downs here to feel safe. Kentucky has two timeouts left, and only needs a field goal to win.

– Seth Emerson, The State