Saturday, October 10, 2009

USC gets some room

It feels like South Carolina is pulling away, but it’s still a one-score game. Well, a touchdown and a two-point conversion.

Stephen Garcia scores on a 1-yard keeper, a play after Kenny Miles ran up the gut for 21 yards. Those big rushing plays have finally been happening for the Gamecocks, which they didn’t in the first half.

There’s still 8:22 left, so plenty of time for Kentucky to make this interesting. But you get the sense that USC’s defense has corrected itself, and won’t let that happen.

By the way, they just announced the Tennessee-Georgia score, and after an initial show of surprise, they made clear they were pleased that Georgia was being whallopped.

And someone needs to let Lane Kiffin know that Alshon Jeffery has three touchdown catches.

– Seth Emerson, The State