Friday, October 30, 2009

UNC linebacker a class act

It's fitting to say thanks to linebacker Quan Sturdivant one day after North Carolina's biggest win of this football season.

With a spontaneous display of sportsmanship, Sturdivant became an example of what's good in college athletics after the Tar Heels' 20-17 defeat of Virginia Tech.

Redshirt freshman running back Ryan Williams was sitting on the Virginia Tech bench in absolute despair over his late fumble, which allowed North Carolina's Casey Barth to kick the winning field goal on the final play.

Sturdivant's teammates were dancing and celebrating the win, as they should. But ESPN's cameras captured Sturdivant away from his team.

Williams has been perhaps the best running back in the ACC this season, and he's having one of the best seasons a Hokie back has ever had. But on Thursday night, he'd made a mistake that dashed whatever hopes the Hokies have of going to a BCS bowl.

Sturdivant came over to console Williams. He got him up off the bench, patted him on the leg, leaned over and said what we can only assume were words of encouragement in Williams' ear.

It was a gracious act when an opponent was at his lowest point. And it might have been the best thing that's happened on an ACC football field this season.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

You would assume so, but it looked like the VT coaches were telling Sturdivant to get away from him.

Anonymous said...

You could also assume that he was being a jerk and talking trash .

HokiesChoked said...

No, only a jerk like you would assume that. it was pretty clear to anyone who actually saw what Sturdivant did that he was trying to console Williams.

If the VT coaches were telling Sturdivant to get away form Williams, it was probably because they had seen enough of Sturdivant and Bruce Carter and the UNC defense pounding the crap out of the VT players all night long and they were afraid Sturdivant might scare poor wittle baby Ryan Williams who was clearly crying over on the side line after the fumble.

Screw the Turkey fans - what a bunch of white trash.

Anonymous said...

My business is across the street from the little league field that Quan Sturdivant first started playing sports. Truly the most humble young man I have come across when dealing with elite high school athletes. Class act.

Anonymous said...

Only a total idiot would think Quan was talking trash. There was also a UNC coach there consoling him. Very classy move by both gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Not only did Quan go over to give words of encouragement, but our DC Withers did as well. Anyone who tries to make out like that was anything other than an INCREDIBLE show of sportsmanship is idiotic to the point of insanity. And, anyone who knows Quan would know exactly what was going on...those of you who don't know him...well your opinions really don't matter.

Anonymous said...

It was actually WR coach Charlie Williams who came over in addition to Sturdivant. Very classy move by both.

Anonymous said...

How about when a UNC WR went to the cameras after beating ECU and talking about how they were the better athletes and thats "why they are at ECU and he is at UNC". Yeah they are classy....idiots.
Won't read that in the paper because it shows the beloved tarholes in negative light, never.

Tarheel Paul said...

Mr. ECU anonymous
Why would you be upset at the UNC player making a truthful statement ?
Eat your heart out.
Go Heels

jeff said...

@Hokieschoked: I really doubt that a VaTech fan wrote the anonymous "trash talking" comment above yours. That has the earmarks of those Wusspack fans who reside as anonymous trolls in Observer blog comments. Reference also his comment at 9:32. Your average Pack fan is a spineless, classless crybaby, who projects all his "qualities" on others, in spite of continued examples of class and sportsmanship like that of Sturdivant.

VT fans have tons more class, dignity, and sportsmanship that NCSU clowns. In fact, I think Pack fans could look to just about every other ACC team's fanbase for positive role models in that regard.

KC said...

Quan has been like that his whole life. Quan has always been a far more superior athlete than his teammates and competition, yet he has always been humble and thankful for everything. He is friendly to everyone and just an overall good guy. I can't say enough good things about this guy, I hope he makes is big time in the pro's because he would be a great role model for kids and would represent the NFL well. Keep it up Quan, show um what us Oakboro boys are all about.

Anonymous said...

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