Saturday, October 10, 2009


Stephen Garcia, and his team, now have their first multiple-turnover game of the season.

Garcia fumbled the ball away on a scramble to the sideline, with Kentucky stripping then recovering the ball just before it went out of bounds. The play was briefly reviewed.

The way Garcia reacted, he seemed to know the play would stand. He was clearly disgusted with himself. The Gamecocks had committed a maximum of one turnover in their previous five games.

Today, Garcia also threw a first-half interception.

The fumble was forced by … drum roll … Taylor Wyndham, the Swansea native whose claim to fame is giving Tim Tebow a concussion.

And the fumble was then recovered by … drum roll again … Calvin Harrison from Columbia,

Richland Northeast High School to be exact.

Kentucky starts out with prime field position at the Gamecock 15, and get their mulligan after the unsuccessful fake field goal.

– Seth Emerson, The State