Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Two Tar Heels having surgery today

UNC running backs A.J. Blue (North Gaston) and Jamal Womble are both scheduled to undergo surgery on Tuesday after suffering injuries in the Tar Heels' 42-12 win over Georgia Southern.

Blue, who has been used mainly as a "Wildcat" quarterback, injured his left knee in the fourth quarter. Womble, a reserve running back, fractured his right wrist covering the opening kickoff.

The status of each player will be updated after the surgery, according to a UNC release.

The Heels (4-2) have a bye week and don't play again until Thursday, Oct. 22.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

The hits just keep coming. Another 2 down on offense will just about sink our season. The D can't spend 35+ minutes on the field each game.

Anonymous said...

Surgeries are on Friday. Minor details, right Giggi?

Anonymous said...

WOW....AJ Blue was starting to show promise; the "wildcat" only works if you can at least make the opposition think you can throw out of it (see the Miami Dolphins and Ronnie Browns bullet).
Jamal also has promise; he was a good RB in high school...hopefully he can return next year and get a shot.
I like Draughan but he gets tackled too easy; a good RB has to be able to shake off the first tackler.