Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Will Notre Dame look to ECU for next coach?

News of Urban Meyer's six-year contract, worth a tidy $24 million, should reverberate in Greenville.

Despite his protestations to the contrary, Meyer has been rumored to be leaving Florida for Notre Dame, his "dream job," since winning his first national title with the Gators in '06. This gargantuan contract should end any plausible notion that Meyer's going anywhere any time soon (right?).

Notre Dame, on the other hand, is still a mediocre season away from sending Charlie Weis back to the Belichick Conservatory for Overhyped Underlings.

Hmm, now where could Notre Dame possibly look for its next coach? Maybe someone who went there? Maybe someone who was on the same staff as Meyer? Maybe someone whose dad was the coach there?

I know, ECU fan, I know, Skip *hearts* Greenville and is never leaving (and no one should have the audacity to even bring up the subject) but Meyer's official unofficial rejection of the Golden Dome qualifies as a bad thing for the Pirates.

-- J.P. Giglio


Titus Butcher said...

Skip has never had to recruit nationally against top tier programs.

I highly doubt that two coaches removed from Ty Willingham that Jack Swarbrick is even going to consider someone who hasn't been a proven recruiter at the national level.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

If Skip leaves, he'll have Jim Seacord, one of the best NC HS football coaches ever as a strength coach already on staff. If he can motivate the current folks, imagine what he could do even slightly higher quality recruits.

Anonymous said...

Titus knows a whole bunch! Its more important to recruit nationally than win nationally. Pure genius. Jealous much? GO PIRATES

Anonymous said...


All those 5-star recruits that Charlie Weis brought in really helped Notre Dame out these past couple of seasons didn't they? Doesn’t matter if you can recruit the Rivals Top 100 or if you’re a big name coach, it matters what you turn the kids into once the get there. Charlie Weis was probably the most hyped college football coach hired this decade and had a top-10 recruiting class every season, but that did not produce results. Holtz turned the kids that didn’t go to Carolina, State, or Wake into a great football team every season he has been at ECU; imagine if he had the Notre Dame school name and money behind him, the possibilities are unlimited. Also, this is Notre Dame were talking about, if Ronald McDonald was the coach they would still have kids lining up to play every season.

Just a thought.

MichaelProcton said...

So wait a minute, 8:53...beating up on Tulsa, Tulane, and Houston is "winning nationally?"