Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Russell Wilson Q&A: 'I'm never afraid'

N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson held his weekly news conference on Tuesday morning. Here are excerpts from his conversation with reporters:

Q: What kind of changes and things have you done since the beginning of bowl practice through the spring just to recognize when the right time to take off and when the right time to stay in the pocket is?
A: A lot of it is just understanding the offense, feeling more comfortable with the offense. I’m more comfortable with the wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, offensive line. Just getting that experience helps. I want to be the best quarterback I can. I want to be the best quarterback in the ACC, I want to be the best quarterback in the nation every time I step on the field. And I definitely want to be the best quarterback on the field that day. If that’s sitting back in the pocket all day or getting out to run, I will do that.

Q: What are some specific areas where you see yourself stepping up to lead outside of practice and things like that?
A: A lot of it starts with off-the-field stuff. Doing well in school. Trying to stay as organized as possible. Trying to make sure you’re at meetings on time. All that stuff really matters when it comes to winning games and working hard on the practice field. Everybody has that mind set, and I’ll always push people and always push myself. The first thing you have to do is always push yourself.

Q: When you have success as a freshman, people expect greater success, for you to top that as a sophomore, a junior or a senior. Have you talked with Coach (Tom) O’Brien or other people about how you go about not letting either self-imposed or outside pressure affect what you do?
A: No matter what you do, either good or bad, there’s always going to be critics or people who think you’re better than you actually are. I have to recognize how good I am and how bad I am. I have to know that every time I step on the field, or if I’m in the film room, if I’m just at home thinking about which play I’m going to run, I have to really visualize it and get better at it.

Q: Do you pay attention to that outside stuff or what people think?
A: It goes in one ear and out the other. You have just have to be honest with yourself and get better every time you step on the field.

Q: Looking back on last year, is there a highlight game or a highlight play that sticks out to you?
A: I think throwing my first touchdown, that was against ECU I believe, was definitely exciting. Coming back from where we were at one point during the season when we weren’t winning games but we were so close – you’re so close, but you lose, that was a tough feeling to have. Especially when you know you have a good team and the rest of the guys are working hard. But then coming over that hump and over that adversity and Coach O’Brien truly helping us and continuing to push us and believing in us, and the rest of his staff, that truly was the most exciting point to me.

Q: Your health is obviously very important to this team. How important is it to you to stay healthy and not be afraid of getting hurt?
A: I’m never afraid. I’m never afraid of doing certain things or trying to play to the best level I can. I’m definitely excited about this season. I’m going to be smart. If I need to get down, I’m going to get down. I think a lot of that is also watching film and understanding certain situations where I could have gotten down earlier, or understanding where I am in the game. That’s just maturing and more experience, and understanding the game.

Ken Tysiac


John said...

What a class act, team first guy. He makes me proud to be a Wolfpacker.