Monday, August 10, 2009

Pack's Irving to be evaluated Thursday

N.C. State linebacker Nate Irving will meet with a doctor Thursday to learn more about the status of his broken leg, coach Tom O’Brien said Monday during the team’s media day news conference.

Irving also suffered a broken rib and collapsed lung in a June 28 car crash. He has seen doctors to have those injuries evaluated, and the leg injury is what’s left to be examined.

O’Brien expects to have a better idea about Irving’s status for this season after Thursday’s meeting. N.C. State lists Irving as out “indefinitely,” and O’Brien sounds as though he’s prepared for a long asbsence.

“We’ll find out Thursday if he’s going to make it back some time this year, or if he’s going to be (out) for another year,” O’Brien said.

Even if Irving is cleared to return at some point this season, O’Brien said, he will have a long period of rehabilitation in order to get into game shape. O’Brien said Irving was walking at the team’s pre-training camp meeting.

Irving led the team with four interceptions and made 84 tackles in 2008 despite missing three games with injuries. Sophomore Dwayne Maddox and redshirt freshman Terrell Manning are competing for Irving’s spot during training camp.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

"...competing for Irving’s spot during training camp."

Training Camp?

Anonymous said...

what exactly was irving doing again when he wrecked?

he was driving home at 4 am or something right? I assume he was not found guilty of any wrongdoing since he is the best college football player in this state.

I bet he was on something that that as it may, i wish him well, he's a super baller deluxe

Bates said...

He fell asleep at the wheel. Wasn't on anything. And he was cited for it.

Anonymous said...

don't assume anything considering state troopers investigated the incident and test were done to find he was neither impaired or under the influence. He simply fell asleep at the wheel during the early morning hours on the way back to school for a workout.
Our players aren't as stupid as the ones over at carolina who get behind the wheel impaired and have multiple arrest like ty lawson. NC States chancellor or coaches would put up with behavior like that.

Anonymous said...

ok, thanks for the update on irving, i was not sure. sorry i jumped to conclusions.

I do agree. I don't hear much out of nc state athletes getting in trouble, wake's either.

however the boys in blue(both shades) have lacrosse orgies, beer bashes, and more. Ty lawson was a dope hound I heard.

go good guys....go pack

MichaelProcton said...

"Lacrosse orgies?" Funny, the only thing that happened with a lacrosse team I'm aware of is that they hired a stripper...or something that happens in frat houses at State and Wake on a weekly basis.