Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vols' Dooley: Let schools control scholarships

Tennessee head coach Derek Dooley is against mandating multi-year scholarships for athletics.

“I hear about how it’s so awful when a player gets a scholarship taken away,” he said. “I’m sitting there going, Universities give academic scholarships all the time, and if a student doesn’t meet certain requirements, they take it away from them. It’s not different to me in athletics.”

Dooley said allow the market to act. If a coach is kicking people off the team all the time, that’ll affect the team in recruiting.

“Are we going to allow the institutions and programs to set their rules, then allow the market to handle which way they go and the success they have, or are we going to take over and define what everybody does all the time?” he said.

--Laura Owens