Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Florida's Muschamp: Weis will be a key

        Florida's new head coach, Will Muschamp, said at the SEC's media days that because he's defensive minded, offensive coordinator and former Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis is important to his success.

    "I think the worst thing you can do in leadership position is be something you're not," he said. "I'm a defensive coach. I hired Charlie Weis to run our offense. Having him in the staff room is really important to me."

    Quarterback John Brantley said it's been great having Weis.

   "You grow up watching a team like the New England Patriots and see the offense he runs, you just don't expect to have him as a coach," he said."It's an honor to play for him."

    Defensive end William Green said the defensive changes Muschamp has been making mostly revolve around scheming and personnel.

   "He's big about doing things 'The Florida Way,' playing hard, running to the ball," Green said. "He's a bit more intense."

    In taking on this new program, Muschamp said not everything needs fixing.

    "I think more than anything if its not broken don't fix it," he said. "Urban (Meyer) did some great things that we're going to continue to do. There are some really good things at Florida."

--Laura Owens