Monday, July 25, 2011

Davis takes responsibility for UNC troubles

PINEHURST – Butch Davis said today that he “fully and completely” takes responsibility for North Carolina’s NCAA troubles, which he called the most important issue the school has faced in “many, many, many years.”

Davis spoke today at the ACC football media kickoff in his first extended interview opportunity since the NCAA charged the school with nine major violations in a notice of allegations in June.

“I’m the head football coach,” Davis said. “And things that happen, anything I can do to make sure these things don’t happen…anything that we can do to make sure that doesn’t happen again, that’s part of my responsibility.”

Thirty minutes before Davis’ interview, reporters were camped out at the time where he was to sit. By the time Davis sat down, more than 30 reporters had surrounded him to hear his answers.

Davis was not personally cited in the letter of allegations and said he felt like he always has had the UNC administration’s support. He said he never considered resigning in the wake of the investigation, but said he regrets what’s happened.

“It’s caused a tremendous amount of embarrassment and a tremendous amount of hard times for Carolina fans and alums,” Davis said, “. . .but we’re going to get through this.”

UNC has until Sept. 19 to provide the NCAA with a written response to the notice of allegations. School officials are scheduled to appear in front of the Committee on Infractions on Oct. 28 in Indianapolis.

Ken Tysiac


TarHeelAlum said...

Accepting responsibility while suffering no consequences is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the ACC season it will be Florida St., Miami, North Carolina St., & Virginia Tech fighting to get in the Championship game.  After playing the last two years on the show LOST, UNC will be DANCING with the NCAA for a part in either the TV show called SURVIVAL or CHEATERS

Anonymous said...

Death penalty...swallow that "responsibility", Butch

MCPOAB said...

"Death Penalty" is an idiot comment...not even close.
Davis has suffered consequences...he will have to coach this team through sanctions, which will hit recruiting hard.

The program will recover, and it will be better off; no longer will they feel that "we're Carolina, it can't happen here".

Anonymous said...

UNC will be set back a decade. Such a shame.

MichaelProcton said...

Set back a decade? So they'll still be mediocre? What's the difference?