Thursday, October 14, 2010

UNC's Houston cleared to return

North Carolina got Ryan Houston, its leading rusher in 2009, back on Thursday and took another step closer to completing the individual cases in an ongoing academic- and agent-related NCAA investigations of the football program.

Thirteen players were suspended or held out of the season-opener against Louisiana State, and a 14th player was added to the list last Saturday. Five players remain in limbo as the season enters its seventh week.

Houston, who sat out the first five games, is the fourth player to be cleared to return. UNC did not specify why Houston did not play in the first five games.

Houston, a senior from Charlotte, led UNC with 713 rushing yards and nine touchdowns in 2009. He did not participate in spring practice in order to concentrate on academics.

-- J.P. Giglio


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Anonymous said...

"Cleared" means what?? This smoke and mirrors is amazing. Did he violate the Student Honor Code or not? IF NOT, then you surely would believe that we would hear the backlash. This is great news considering many thought young Ryan was prepared for the academic load at any UNC System school. I hope he gets the right tutor he needs to be on schedule to graduate.