Friday, October 1, 2010

NCAA denies UNC players' appeals

An NCAA committee has denied the appeals of North Carolina football players Kendric Burney and Deunta Williams, UNC athletic director Dick Baddour announced this afternoon in a statement released by the school.

Williams will complete his four-game suspension Saturday and will return to the field Oct. 2 against Clemson. Burney will serve the final three games of his six-game suspension and will return Oct. 23 at Miami.

The NCAA suspended both players for violating NCAA rules regarding agents and extra benefits. Williams has to repay expenses for two trips to California, and Burney must repay expenses for trips to Atlanta, Las Vegas and California.

They were originally suspended Sept. 22 and already have missed the Tar Heels' first three games. The NCAA heard the players' appeal today.

Baddour had said he thought the punishment was harsh in light of the extra benefits that were received.

“I am disappointed for Deunta and Kendric, but I respect the NCAA’s decision,” Baddour said in a statement today. “I appreciate the committee allowing us the opportunity to present their case”

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Did they expect any other outcome??? Why would the very people that handed down your punishment immediately retract it? Get a grip guys. You did something wrong, you serve your time, and then you come back on the field to help your team win some games. Stop making the entire organization look ridiculous.