Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Burney cleared to play for UNC

UNC senior cornerback Kendric Burney has been cleared to play this Saturday against William & Mary, the university announced Tuesday afternoon.

A first-team All-ACC performer last season, Burney has yet to play this season for the Tar Heels. He was suspended six games for violations of NCAA agent benefits and preferential treatment rules and was scheduled to return in time for Saturday's game against Miami.

But Burney was held out of the game, a 33-10 loss to the Hurricanes, while UNC worked with the NCAA to determine his eligibility status.

-- Lorenzo Perez


Anonymous said...

Take benefits from agents,lie to investigators, cheat on your academics, flunk a class, get re-instated. The "Carolina Way."

Anonymous said...

Check your facts - Burney didn't lie to investigators or flunk a class.

Quinn was the one who lied to investigators, and he didn't get reinstated.

Burney got a C- when he needed a C, so he had to get cleared by the NCAA to take a class later to make up the hours he needed.

Burney did take benefits, but he was punished by the NCAA for that. He did his time and is now eligible to play.

Anonymous said...

So the earlier reports are incorrect...that Burney admitted to cheating and received an F, and the school re-enrolled him in another class to keep him eligible? The C-/C story doesn't make sense b/c he would have known that at the start of the semester (for a summer school class), not mid-semester for a current class.

Anonymous said...

The earlier reports were incorrect. I guess his dad is saying that he admitted to cheating on an assignment so he received an F on that assignment, so the honor court dropped his overall grade to a C-. So he is now being allowed to join a class mid-semester so he can remain eligible. Not much difference, but he did not receive an F in the class despite admitting to cheating.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice of the UNC-Ch "Honor" Court to only drop him a half letter for cheating in a class. Even nicer that the program didn't suspend him any games for academics since the other games were for improper agent benefits. I hope the other local programs can keep up with this win at all costs mentality.