Thursday, October 7, 2010

Officials: NCAA probe of UNC may take a year

The NCAA's investigation into the University of North Carolina football program may take a year to complete, university officials said Thursday.

The NCAA's investigation of individual players and their improper contact with sports agents will likely be resolved far sooner, those officials said in a meeting with members of the UNC system's Board of Governors.

The university is looking into allegations about players' involvement with agents as well is potential academic cheating. The university has turned over its findings related to academics to the student attorney general's office, which may resolve those issues in the next several weeks, UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp said Thursday.

The NCAA's investigation of individual players is on a "similar, if not faster time scale," he said.

Thorp appeared at a meeting of the UNC system's governing board for the second straight month and has pledged to keep report to the board regularly until the football matter is resolved.

Eric Ferreri


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it about 3 weeks ago that Baddour said the NCAA will be wrapping up with final announcements "within a week."

Does anyone trust anything UNC has stood on/for/etc..? More lies than a 4th grade classroom.

Anonymous said...

"The facts keep changing..."

Excuse me? UNC-CH: The most corrupt athletics, administrative, and teaching institution in the nation. CONgratulations!

Anonymous said...

A year? A year to do what? Either there is wrongdoing or there isn't. What takes a year? In the era of emails, cell phones, and instant information gathering, what could possibly take a year?