Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UNC's Austin named first-team All-ACC

North Carolina’s Marvin Austin is among five Tar Heel defenders on the first-team all-ACC preseason football list.

The senior defensive tackle has been involved in an NCAA investigation concerning possible illegal contact with agents.

The preseason team, voted on Monday by the media at the ACC summer kickoff interviews in Greensboro, also included UNC defensive end Robert Quinn, linebacker Quan Sturdivant, safety Deunta Williams and cornerback Kendric Burney.

Preseason conference favorite Virginia Tech placed only running back Ryan Williams.N.C. State tight end George Bryan and Duke receiver Donovan Varner were on the team. Wake Forest failed to place a player.

The preseason teams:

Offense Pos. Name (Votes) Ht Wt Class Hometown
WR Donovan Varner, Duke (27) 5-9 170 Junior Miami, Fla.
WR Torrey Smith, Maryland (19) 6-1 200 Junior Colonial Beach, Va.
TE George Bryan, NC State (21) 6-5 265 Junior Castle Hayne, N.C.
T Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (43) 6-7 295 Senior Hawthorn Woods, Ill.
T Chris Hairston, Clemson (21) 6-7 325 Senior Winston-Salem, N.C.
G Rodney Hudson, Florida State (43) 6-2 282 Senior Mobile, Ala.
G Thomas Claiborne, Boston College (21) 6-3 325 Senior Randolph, Mass.
C Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (25) 6-1 274 Senior Gainesville, Fla.
QB Christian Ponder, Florida State (35) 6-3 227 Senior Colleyville, Tex.
RB Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (45) 5-10 211 Sophomore Manassas, Va.
RB Montel Harris, Boston College (30) 5-10 200 Junior Jacksonville, Fla.

Defense Pos. Name (Votes) Ht Wt Class Hometown
DE Robert Quinn, North Carolina (47) 6-5 270 Junior Ladson, S.C.
DE Allen Bailey, Miami (31) 6-4 288 Senior Sapelo, Ga.
DT Marvin Austin, North Carolina (32) 6-3 305 Senior Washington, D.C.
DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson (27) 6-4 310 Senior Clemson, S.C.
LB Alex Wujciak, Maryland (34) 6-3 245 Senior West Caldwell, N.J.
LB Quan Sturdivant, North Carolina (32) 6-2 235 Senior Oakboro, N.C.
LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College (25) 6-3 225 Sophomore Cincinnati, Ohio
B Kendric Burney, North Carolina (27) 5-9 190 Senior Jacksonville, N.C.
CB Brandon Harris, Miami (26) 5-11 195 Junior Miami, Fla.
S DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (48) 6-1 215 Senior Tallahassee, Fla.
S Deunta Williams, North Carolina (41) 6-2 210 Senior Jacksonville, N.C.

Specialists Pos. Name (Votes) Ht Wt Class HometownPK Matt Bosher, Miami (32) 6-0 205 Senior Jupiter, Fla.P Matt Bosher, Miami (20) 6-0 205 Senior Jupiter, Fla.SP Torrey Smith, Maryland (24) 6-1 210 Junior Colonial Beach, Va.

Caulton Tudor, N&O columnist


Anonymous said...

Amazing what a ton of money and benefits can do for your team. 3-8 years ago UNC didn't have 1 All-ACC player. Now the whole Defense is All ACC. Same stadium, same fans, same everything but one thing - John Blake.

John Blake + Butch = Calipari of CFB.

Ryan said...

you are an idiot, sir. wolfpack fan.

Anonymous said...

"Amazing what a ton of money and benefits can do for your team."

"John Blake + Butch = Calipari of CFB."

I hope you are kidding... I don't even want to respond to that ridiculous comment.

devil said...

Why did the CO post a picture of Whoopi Goldberg with this article?

Anonymous said...

amazing that you think you know what happened. let the ncaa report on its investigation before you drag someone's name through the mud.

bet you're a moo u fan.

Anonymous said...

Fail, John Callipari has a winning record in his conference.


Keep hatin Wuffies, your ass will get whipped be it with Marvin, or without. Have you kicked your wolf today> I have, and I will again. Sissy azz yapping puppy sign, That is the single handed most gay action in all of college athletics. Gay pride is alive and well in Raleigh!

Anonymous said...

Am I at Walmart? What's up with all the redneck hole fans? You all take criticism about as well as Cheify. Everybody knows Blake is dirty, hence his nickname. Don't get so defensive, it just makes you all look petty. By the way, the Pack has beaten the holes every year of the chief's tenure, and won a bowl game in the same timeframe.

UVA fan

Anonymous said...

"Mow my yard" - you mean besides the picture of Marvin Austin in this article? Put some lipstick on him and he will look like the one of the girls that beat up your football team a couple years ago.

TOB vs. Butch = 3 wins to 0 losses. Who kicked what? Apparently, you go by another record than win or lose.

Anonymous said...

My mistake, apparently they did not win the bowl game. Just have to settle for 100% against the goats. So did we I guess.

TOB says, " 3-0" said...

FROM A UNC Student - There is a joke amongst students at UNC that the main reason that women have such a hard time finding a date is that so many men are gay.

"Mow my yard" care to Stop hating yourself.

Anonymous said...

Yea the record "mow my yard" goes by is how much dinero UNC is giving to buy a football team which can ultimately inflate his ego. WIN - WIN

Anonymous said...

TOB also said, (at the ACC presser) "Care to share anything else Butch?" Classic.

In other words, "You cheat, and still cannot beat us."

Anonymous said...

Title of Article should read " UNC's Austin snitches on everyone - destroys UNC and four other Top 5 programs"

AP - Marvin "Imma Baller B*tch" Austin has come clean about accepting gifts, money, cars, clothes....

Anonymous said...

Title of this blog should be... "NC State Fans tryin to make themselves feel better about the mediocrity of their university and athletics"

Anonymous said...

This season is going to be a BLAST. The Heels are loaded and there are a lot of good teams in the coastal. We have a very tough schedule and it all starts in Atlanta agains LSU. I cant wait!!!

Easy to understand the hate, because the woofies look to be in for a looong year, or 3.

Anonymous said...

Its funny to read the comments of all the Tar Heels fans talking football smack to NC State fans.

If you didn't know any better, you might actually think UNC has beaten NC State in football while Davis and O'Brien were at their respective helms.

By the way, NC State had an 11-win season in 2003. Lets see if this overhyped UNC team can win double digit games.

Oh wait, UNC's football team is not overhyped. They were picked to finish 4th. In their division.

Anonymous said...

It's just UNC fans being exactly that....UNC FANS. They never admit to their mediocre status and they are always world beaters. The second one of thier teams fail, they jump ship and leave them to burn. The fans did it last year, the year before that, year before that, and years before that - note - Keanan Stadium: Aluminum Bowl (bunting years). They are only ever around when the hype benefits their own selfish motives. You never hear from any of them when their teams suck.

Ask Packman about UNC fans. He will say the same.

Anonymous said...

What is sad is that everyone that says that are complete hypocrites. Ever since Sam Cassell coined that name to the UNC Fans as the "whine and cheese crowd," everyone who dislikes UNC feels that all UNC fans automatically fall into that category. Truth of the matter is that every fan in America is like that. When their team is doing poorly than they are not as outspoken and usually are not as interested in that team anymore. Sorry State or Duke fans but all I heard from yall when you were doing badly in football last year were the same whining and unsupportive fans that you are characterizing UNC fans as being.

"You never hear from any of them when their teams suck."

Well your right, You never hear from any team when they suck.

We finally are staring to get a little better in football and it makes this more fun to talk about it and have something to atleast trash talk about. State has dominated UNC in football recently I admit, but now that its a good game it makes this more fun. God forbid that UNC does actually beat State this year and continues to dominate NC recruiting than I guess soon enough it wont be too much fun when we begin to "never hear fom any of them." So, Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

Anon4:27 if you think either UNC or Duke fans are as passionate about their football program as NC State fans....well you're just lying to yourself to make yourself feel better.

For example, UNC fan turnout at last year's Meineke Bowl was absolutely pathetic. Pittsburgh had more fans, they made the 8 hour drive, but UNC fan's cant make the 2 hour drive to support their team.

UNC might have some of the most passionate basketball fans in the nation, even though many of you gave up on your season last year before the ACC tourney had even started.

But your football fans by and large ARE whine and cheese. Trying to convince yourself that every other fanbase is like that is simply not true.

Most schools haven't experienced the amount of major sports titles that UNC fans have enjoyed over the past couple decades. We enjoy the pursuit, the chase, the fight of it all. We don't give up on a season if we're having a bad season, we deal with it. UNC fans are generally so spoiled from their basketball success, that they give up on caring about other sports with the same passion.

Although even that is debatable, if you recall how many UNC fans literally gave up on last season, when in the wonderful post season of basketball, you can always make the Big Dance by just winning your conference tourney.

Anonymous said...

"The combination of its date the day after Christmas, North Carolina's second straight trip here and poor ticket sales by Pitt left much of the upper deck empty at Bank of America Stadium, home of the NFL's Carolina Panthers." (Quote from on 2009 Meineke Car Care Bowl)

I was at that game and it definitely wasnt the lack of Carolina fans that made this bowl not sold out.

Average Football Attendance this past season:

"No. 33 UNC 56,607

No. 34 NC State 56,422 "


Also, I went to almost every basketball game and almost every game, except for the small schools that we played, were full. Even with our 22,000 seat arena. Most schools cant even fill out their 8000-9000 seat arenas.

"Although North Carolina and N.C. State saw their home men’s basketball crowds shrink in 2009-10, both remained among the top 25 in Division I attendance according to figures released this week by the NCAA.
North Carolina ranked fifth in Division I with an average of 17,786 fans per home date. N.C. State’s average of 13,184 fans ranked 24th.
Kentucky (24,111), Syracuse (22,152), Louisville (19,397) and Tennessee (19,168) were the four schools ahead of North Carolina in the rankings."

Sorry but you have not made your point at all. Even though we had one of the worst basketball seasons in years, we still had over 17,000 fans show up on AVERAGE every game. Even the NIT games were sold out even though they were put in Carmichael. Wow, seems like we really gave up.

Sorry, nothing that you said has any credit to it. Whine about it.

Anonymous said...

THIS coming from the same university that never counts ticket stubs and relies on "crowd observations to estimate attendance." Make sure you pipe in the crowd noise.

Furthermore, if you compared year over year expectations and hype vs. win/loss you'd see that NC State fans have gone above and beyond.

We have sold out CF for 10 straight years with an avg record of 5-6. You guys failed to sell out your seats even with Mack Brown.

Anonymous said...

ESPN ranking anything is laughable. Heather Dinich rated UNC Chapel Hill in the Top 3 most intimidating atmospheres in ACC football. ESPN is a leader...but in Sports Marketing, not sports.

1. Yankees,Red Sox, Braves
2. Cowboys
3. Florida, TEXAS, UNC, DUKE, BAMA
4. Lakers, Boston
5. NCAA BBall - UNC, Duke, Kentucky

Same team - year after year. It's not by chance that most UNC fans pull for the Yankees, have Lakers T'shirts, and Dallas Cowboy hats.

Anonymous said...

"I was at that game and it definitely wasnt the lack of Carolina fans that made this bowl not sold out."

Funniest statement ever! I believe him yo.

The Univ. of Pittsburgh’s 19-17 win over the Univ. of North Carolina (UNC) in Saturday’s Meineke Car Care Bowl at Bank of America Stadium drew 50,389 fans, the smallest crowd in the game’s eight-year history, according to Ron Green Jr. of the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER. It was UNC’s second straight appearance in the game, and that “played a huge part” in the attendance drop.

In Charlotte, Ken Tysiac noted UNC did not sellout Saturday's game despite playing in the “largest city in their home state.” Tysiac: “In terms of fan support, the Tar Heels are not an elite football program” (CHARLOTTE OBSERVER, 12/26).

That's a third party assessment.

Anonymous said...

NC STATE beat UNC & PITT last year therefore we are the Meinke Champions

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look at the UNC and NC State rivalry:

Football: UNC 60 NC State 30
(UNC 11-9 since 1990)

Basketball: UNC 142 NC State 75
(UNC leads 33-12 since 1990)

Team National Championships (any sport)
UNC: 37
NCSU: 7 (none since 1985 track)

Yes, State has made progress in football, but overall there is no argument. UNC dominates NC State. But I guess it is just because of the cheating coaches and bias media

Anonymous said...

1. John Blake isn't going to survive this. Too much concern within the athletic department (not even the ncaa at this point) over the Blake, Gary Wichard, and Marvin Austin connection. My guy said "put it this way, Blake is like Austins dad over there, he's his position coach, and they see each other on a daily basis, anything Marvin is doing you can bet that Blake is advising him or knows about it, I mean its common sense"....Butch rarely spends time with individual players that's up to the position coaches, so Butch may have known also but turned a blind eye but easily may not have known. Also there is continued fear over there that the NCAA has compiled more evidence since their "initial" investigation and will be coming back for round 2 at some point. Too many agents, past recruits, maybe disgruntled administrators are ready to spill the beans he said.

2. Austin is gone. Nobody expects him back. In fact he's heard Austin has moved back to the DC area. The funny part about this IS if or more likely when MA is suspended for the year he can just drop out of school and start accepting money from agents that day. ironic.

3. 6 or more players will be suspended for the LSU game. Though not all are involved in "agent-gate". Charles Brown could be in hot hot hot water.


Anonymous said...


Somebody has been reading too much Pack Pride. Official press release by NCAA and UNC both said investigation involves players ONLY and NOT coaches or school.

Also, other media outlets have said the only players still being investigated are Little and Austin.

Anonymous said...

Austin is dirty, Little is clean

One of the starting cornerbacks is dirty too though

I'm a UNC student, this is the word around campus