Monday, July 26, 2010

Tudor's Take: Is UNC's Austin in line for preseason honors?

GREENSBORO -- It will be interesting to see if North Carolina defensive lineman Marvin Austin is voted to the preseason all-ACC team. Linked to an NCAA probe relating to potential inappropriate contact with an agent, Austin is one of seven Tar Heels defenders on the list of nominees.

Media attendees at the league football kickoff were scheduled to vote on the preseason offensive and defensive teams this afternoon.

Austin is one of only seven nominees for the two defensive tackle slots, and Virginia Tech star John Graves almost certainly will take one berth.

Other than Graves and Austin, the other defensive tackle nominees are: Jenkins (Clemson), Charlie Hatcher (Duke), Everett Dawkins (Florida State), Mike Conrath and Nick Jenkins (Virginia).

On offense, seven other Carolina players are listed, including wide receiver Greg Little, who also was interviewed by NCAA investigators two weeks ago.

The team will be announced at 11 a.m. Wednesday.

-- Caulton Tudor


Anonymous said...

It will be media hypocrisy if Austin isn't a 1st team defender. I guess innocent until proven guilty only counts when it's not on the sports page. How much incorrect information has been released through multiple media outlets, including CO?

WDB said...

I'm curious what he has done to deserve to be on the pre-season team. His career stats over his three years include: 103 total tackles, 56 solo tackles, 9 sacks, 1 Forced Fumble and 1 Fumble Recovery. This guy has a lot of potential to be a great player but he has yet to put up big numbers on the field.

And yes, I do realize this doesn't account for double teams he draws, but I'm pretty sure all the guys on this list consistantly draw double teams

WDB said...

Sorry, that should have been 1 Forced Fumble and 1 Interception.

Anonymous said...

To his credit is is double teamed quite often, but he doesn't deserve the credit with his stats, that's regardless of NCAA investigation. Holes smoke pole so he should obviously be 1st team all world and God's name should now be changed to Marvin.

Anonymous said...

He DOES deserve an award! I mean, after all the pimping, shoppin, swagga, money, and slangin. Give the young OG a pass. He must be the baddest cheatin dude on the planet. You know how hard that is? To play ball for a free education and be projected as a 1st round pick?

Marvin Austin for Corrupt INC, aka UNC, President. Yes he can....and did!