Wednesday, July 21, 2010

N.C. Secretary of State starts agent probe

North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall today launched an investigation into possible improprieties by sports agents in the state.

Spokesman George Jeter said the department hasn't received a complaint but is responding to media reports of possible NCAA violations that may have been caused by improper contact between agents and college athletes.

"That's it, precisely," Jeter said. "The number of media reports coming out and talking about possibly things that might have happened and possibly actions by agents, or people who should be agents if they're not, [sparked the investigation]."

It has been widely reported that NCAA investigators interviewed football players at the University of North Carolina last week. Greg Little Sr., the father of Tar Heels receiver Greg Little, said his son was interviewed. The Charlotte Observer and News & Observer have confirmed that defensive tackle Marvin Austin also was interviewed. Investigators also have met with University of South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders, who is from Durham, and Alabama defensive tackle Marcell Dareus.

The North Carolina Uniform Athlete Agent Act requires agents to register with the Secretary of State's office and inform a school's athletic director within 72 hours of agreeing to a contract with an athlete.

Agents are prevented from furnishing anything of value to athletes before they enter a contract, and they are prohibited from making false representations. Violating the law is a Class I felony.

Jeter said messages have been sent to several parties saying they will be contacted by department staff members and advising them not to destroy their records. He said the investigation will focus on the agents themselves rather than athletes or staff members at any of the schools.

Marshall, a Democrat who is running for U.S. Senate against Republican incumbent Richard Burr, was unavailable for comment this evening.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

The political system in NC is wrought w/ illegal actitivites, and we have state officials investigating agents???
How about Easley, his wife, John Edwards, etc?
Tony Rand is the biggest crook to walk the planet, and yet no investigation for him??
We're doomed as a state and society.

TP said...

Marshall is the one who "took over" the investigation into Joseph Forte's mom and her involvment with Octagon. She then quietly closed the book on it by saying she had no jurisdiction. Somehow, no one told her Washington DC isn't in North Carolina when she started her investigation.

This move smells fishy.

Anonymous said...

I am a white guy but I wonder if any of these black players still feel like slaves. Isn't this a political year? And isn't a white woman trying to win in politics on a story about bad things mostly black men did in an all male sport? (Elaine Marshall). College sports are used by the establishment for political purposes and unfortunately the women will take full advantage of this event to help themselves get more power. Mama Grizzley will protect her cubs in Chapel Hill while going after non NC residents who are the agents. There is always spin coming out of Chapel Hill and the past week alone has shown you the army that comes together to difuse any bad press for Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

Now organizations are investigating UNC's basketball program. This, as our football program is close to being disbanded. HOW CAN THIS HAVE HAPPENED???