Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three ACC football teams to have games broadcast in 3-D

ESPN announced this morning plans to broadcast in 3-D a trio of early-season nonconference football games involving ACC teams.

The three games will be the first ones televised with 3-D technology by the sports cable network, according to a news release issued by the Atlantic Coast Conference.

The scheduled 3-D games are:

* Sept. 6, Virginia Tech vs. Boise State (Landover, Md.), 8 p.m.
* Sept. 11, Miami at Ohio State, 3:40 p.m.
* Sept. 18, Clemson at Auburn, 7 p.m.

ESPN also plans to broadcast the Dec. 4 ACC Championship Game in 3-D as well.

-- Lorenzo Perez


Anonymous said...

So, we get to see Marvin Austin, Greg Little, etc (and company)... take money with glasses on. SWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEET!

Cannot wait to see the big booty #*) in 3-D.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. You won't be seeing Marv play for UNC this season.

Thomas trevor 704-534-7653 said...

you dumb@$$ you wont see austin playing in 3d.

Someone please help Thomas Trevor said...

Oh sir might be the dumba@@ if you think the first guy was being serious. Even crazier is that you put your actual phone number and full name on a public blog.

Sir Thomas Trevor said...

Have you ever thought Dumb@$$ that maybe neither are real and just added for visual effect. Perhaps I just made up a 704 number?????? perhaps but you will never know

Anonymous said...

Do retail stores carry the glasses?