Friday, July 30, 2010

Sturdivant charge dismissed

A simple possession of marijuana charge against University of North Carolina linebacker Quan Sturdivant was voluntarily dismissed this week in Stanly County after he entered a deferred prosecution agreement.

Assistant District Attorney John Phillips said this afternoon that Sturdivant will be required to do 24 hours of community service and will have a substance abuse assessment as part of the deferred prosecution agreement. His case was dismissed Monday.

Phillips said Sturdivant's lawyer, Charles Parnell, stated that Sturdivant was a person of good character without a prior criminal record who had made a mistake. Phillips said the deferred prosecution agreement was "pretty routine" for someone charged with a Class III misdemeanor.

Sturdivant was charged July 10 after a traffic stop in the parking lot of a Bojangles Restaurant in Albemarle. The citation showed that he possessed less than a half-ounce of marijuana.

Coach Butch Davis had said that Sturdivant had disappointed the program and would be disciplined, but didn't specify how Sturdivant would be disciplined. Earlier this week, Davis said Sturdivant would not be suspended for the Sept. 4 season opener with LSU.

Last season Sturdivant, who is from Oakboro, earned first-team All-ACC honors after leading the team with 79 tackles as a junior.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

1. John Blake isnt going to survive this. Too much concern within the athletic department (not even the ncaa at this point) over the Blake, Gary Wichard, and Marvin Austin connection. My guy said "put it this way, Blake is like Austins dad over there, he's his position coach, and they see each other on a daily basis, anything Marvin is doing you can bet that Blake is advising him or knows about it, I mean its common sense"....Butch rarely spends time with individual players thats up to the position coaches, so Butch may have known also but turned a blind eye but easily may not have known. Also there is continued fear over there that the NCAA has compiled more evidence since their "initial" investigation and will be coming back for round 2 at some point. Too many agents, past recruits, maybe disgruntled administrators are ready to spill the beans he said.

2. Austin is gone. Nobody expects him back. In fact he's heard Austin has moved back to the DC area. The funny part about this IS if or more likely when MA is suspended for the year he can just drop out of school and start accepting money from agents that day. ironic.

3. 6 or more players will be suspended for the LSU game. Though not all are involved in "agent-gate". Charles Brown could be in hot hot hot water.

4. A lot of people on the Academic side of things are tired of all this. They want some changes made. I think John Blake getting fired and some suspensions as well as UNC going back to their previous admission standards pre-Dwight Jones. My guy said "UNC wanted big time football but not this way" the running theme amongst the leadership. And Blake has always raised eyebrows. He even tried to leave on his own the last couple years but stayed around because of his loyalty to Davis. Blake will go back to the NFL if anybody will hire him BUT i think its safe to say his days in college are done.

5. This isnt ending soon. Maybe some coaches are let go and players suspended come August, but the NCAA investigation will drag on into next spring. the NCAA just doesn't have the man power right now to chase down every single lead they've received since the story broke. Hell the USC-Reggie Bush deal took 5 years, this is a similar deal from what ive heard. Let yall know more as if comes, but probably no earth shattering news to come until its announced that the NCAA is back on UNC's campus for a second time.

Danny said...

Anonymous, that's a great story, but completely wrong. Marvin might miss a few games, but that's it. Thanks for playing though.

Anonymous said...

you should wear a dust mask when finishing drywall danny, its starting to effect your judgement. MA is as guilty as OJ was and while i question where the other poster gets his info i do agree that the higher ups within UNC are very upset that the ncaa is investigating their school.