Monday, October 10, 2011

UNC search committee adds to calendar

CHAPEL HILL - The committee searching for candidates for North Carolina's athletic director has scheduled an additional meeting on its calendar.

Committee chair Lowry Caudill said after Monday's meeting that "several" candidates have been interviewed. The committee meets again Oct. 19 and has added Oct. 26 to the schedule because it's not certain that work will be completed after the middle of next week.

"We're not finished interviewing," Caudill said.

Monday's meeting was conducted in closed session so members could discuss candidates privately.

The committee is charged with recommending candidates to chancellor Holden Thorp, who will make the final decision on who is hired.

North Carolina is searching for an athletic director to replace Dick Baddour, who is stepping down. The new athletic director's most pressing immediate task will be to hire a football coach.

Everett Withers has been serving as interim coach since Butch Davis was fired in July.

Caudill said the committee is considering athletic directors and candidates who have served in top assistant roles in athletic programs. He said administrative experience at schools that have football programs is a plus for candidates.

"It's not critical," Caudill said. "It certainly would be helpful in the situation we're in right now."

Ken Tysiac


Richard Baddour said...

It really doesn't matter who they get as long as they know that the Ram's Club calls the shots and they can embrace the Carolina Way of doing things and appearing to the naive public.

Paul Davis said...

I think that I can do a fine job, and I'm still on the payroll, and not too busy. Roy would just die if that happened!

Anonymous said...

Damaged goods, scandal-ridden, program on the decline...nobody wants this job.