Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sales brisk for ACC championship game

Brisk sales this week for the ACC championship game at Bank of America Stadium have pushed the game’s total of tickets sold past 27,000,

Charlotte Collegiate Football executive director Will Webb said today.
Webb said a total of more than 2,000 tickets for the Dec. 3 game were sold Monday and Tuesday. His goal for sales before the teams are determined was 30,000, and Webb expects to surpass that number next week.

Enthusiasm for schools such as Georgia Tech, Clemson and Virginia Tech are fueling sales, Webb said, as is the fact that North Carolina still has a shot at the game. The championship game is in its second year in Charlotte and already has surpassed the sales from before teams were announced in 2010.

Webb said the game benefited from starting with a ticket renewal base from last year.

“I think last year people were hesitant to buy until they knew their team was in,” Webb said. “This year with the success of last year, the fun that people had last year, people don’t want to miss out, and I think that’s what’s pushing the sales effort.”

Event organizers are hoping strong support from the game will cause the ACC to keep the game in Charlotte permanently. ACC officials were disappointed with sales in Jacksonville, Fla., and Tampa over the first five years the game was held.

Sales for the Dec. 27 Belk Bowl at Bank of America Stadium also have been strong, Webb said. Lower level sideline seats have sold out, although corner and end zone seats on the lower level remain available.

Webb said the 8 p.m. kickoff two days after Christmas and the securing of musical artists Daughtry and Edwin McCain for the fan festival have generated additional interest in the bowl.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Its because CLEMSON is coming to town.

Anonymous said...

Probably true. If it ends up being Clemson vs Va Tech, the place will be packed. I think Charlotte has locked down the ACC CG spot.

Moose77 said...

Enthusiasm for schools....Virginia??? Hey CO, don't you mean Virginia Tech?

Anonymous said...

Whoever plays, this is just a HUGE party! Last year, the crowd for the Montgomery Gentry concert looked like a mini-Woodstock! Inside, the place felt like a Super Bowl! It was loud and rockin'!!!

Charlotte and Mr. Jerry "Big Cat" R's B of A stadium do this championship game justice! The tail-gating is a whole world by itself. Incredible!!!

If you like fun, this will be the place to be. If your fave team is in it, all the better!!!

Anonymous said...

Clemson/Vtech would be crazy. Could not have worked out better for Charlotte or the ACC if that comes to fruition. Even so, that same matchup would not have the same sales power in any florida city compared to Charlotte. Charlotte is where this game belongs.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte will look great painted ORANGE!

Chris Ryder said...

I've already gotten Outback Bowl tickets for this year. I spend the holidays with family there, so I like to see the game while I'm there. I can certainly see why the ACC championship is so looked forward to, but I wouldn't mind seeing it in Jacksonville still from time to time.

Tobin Vance said...

Is that an economic indicator or a sign that the BCS is, in fact, fouled up?
I've gotten some Outback Bowl tickets as well, even if I'd prefer to see some Florida teams there. Can't have everything, I guess.

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