Monday, October 3, 2011

UNC interviews AD candidates

CHAPEL HILL - The committee searching for a new University of North Carolina athletic director interviewed "several" candidates Monday at the Carolina Inn on campus, committee chair Lowry Caudill said.

The meetings were conducted in closed session in a secure location of the hotel to guard the confidentiality of the candidates. Caudill would not disclose the number of candidates interviewed or the length of the interviews.

Caudill said the NCAA's investigation of North Carolina's football program has not prevented highly qualified candidates from seeking the position. UNC officials are scheduled to appear in front of the NCAA's Committee on Infractions on Oct. 23 in Indianapolis to answer charges of nine major violations.

UNC has self-imposed two years of NCAA probation as a result of the probe and will await word of additional penalties after the Oct. 23 hearing.

"The candidates, almost to a person, that we've interviewed [have said] that Carolina is a special place," Caudill said. "It's known for first-class athletics and first-class academics, and they see the NCAA issue, it's an issue that we have to get past. There is some repair to be done. But we're Carolina, and they know that's not how we do things at Carolina. So they view this as a very good position."

UNC is seeking a replacement for Dick Baddour, who will step down after the new athletic director is hired. The first, most pressing issue for the new athletic director will be hiring a new, permanent head football coach.

Everett Withers is serving as interim head coach following the July firing of Butch Davis. The search committee is charged with recommending a list of athletic candidates to chancellor Holden Thorp, who will make the final decision on the hire.

Caudill said the committee's interviews are not yet completed. He said the committee has come up with a list of questions that are asked of each candidate based on the job description that has been posted.

"From that we can start to assess the fit, qualifications and are they the right person for the position we have here at Carolina," Caudill said.

There is no timetable for filling the job, aside from a desire to have the athletic director in place in time to hire a football coach.

Ken Tysiac


TrueBlue said...

That "self-imposed" probation is a real back breaker for the program. This coupled with surrendering all of those Wins will damage the program for decades. Kudo's to the Administration taking the "worst" disciplinary action amongst themselves for their self-investigation before the NCAA would surely turn and look the other way. The next AD will recognize this and avoid the hole they have dug themselves even deeper into....

Rob said...

And what exactly does the probation entail? They aren't preventing themselves from playing in a bowl. How will giving up wins damage the program? It isn't like they had to return the gate receipts for those games. The gave up 3 scholarships for 3 years. That is it.

MichaelProcton said...

8:30: You seem to have fallen into the sarCHASM. said...

Surely, the dude is absolutely fair. said...

oh a couple of my friends were two of the ones who were interviewed by the committee, I wish I could tell you the names of my friends, but I promised I was not gonna tell anyone