Monday, November 29, 2010

All-ACC team announced

N.C. State linebacker Nate Irving and tight end George Bryan joined North Carolina defensive tackle Quinton Coples as the only players from North Carolina schools to earn first-team All-ACC honors in media voting announced today.
Clemson and Maryland led the conference with four first-team selections each. Duke kicker Will Snyderwine, named a first-team All-American today by the American Football Coaches Association, was a second-team All-ACC selection behind Virginia Tech’s Chris Hazley.

Here is the complete All-ACC list, with votes in parentheses:


QB Tyrod Taylor, Virginia Tech (77); RB Montel Harris, Boston College (122); RB Anthony Allen, Georgia Tech (108); WR Leonard Hankerson, Miami (118); WR Torrey Smith, Maryland (96); TE George Bryan, NC State (92); OT Anthony Castonzo, Boston College (79); OT Chris Hairston, Clemson (69); OG Rodney Hudson, Florida State (116); OG Brandon Washington, Miami (50); C Sean Bedford, Georgia Tech (91); K Chris Hazley, Virginia Tech (100); Spc. Tony Logan, Maryland (69)


DE Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson (120); DE Brandon Jenkins, Florida State (101); DT Quinton Coples, North Carolina (101); DT Jarvis Jenkins, Clemson (63); LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College (112); LB Nate Irving, N.C. State (105); LB Alex Wujciak, Maryland (78); CB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech (112); CB Chase Minnifield, Virginia (57); S DeAndre McDaniel, Clemson (99); S Kenny Tate, Maryland (78); P Matt Bosher, Miami.


QB Russell Wilson, NC State (75); RB Damien Berry, Miami (37); RB Keith Payne, Virginia (30); WR Conner Vernon, Duke (70); WR Owen Spencer, NC State (41); TE Dwayne Allen, Clemson (31); OT Orlando Franklin, Miami (65); OT Blake DeChristopher, Virginia Tech (39); OG Jaymes Brooks, Virginia Tech (41); OG Omoregie Uzzi, Georgia Tech (35); OG Jonathan Cooper, North Carolina (35); C Ryan McMahon, Florida State (47); K Will Snyderwine, Duke (38); Spc.David Wilson, Virginia Tech (61).


DE Allen Bailey, Miami (51); DE Steven Friday, Virginia Tech (42); DT John Graves, Virginia Tech (46); DT Joe Vellano, Maryland (33); LB Bruce Carter, North Carolina (43); LB Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech (41); LB Sean Spence, Miami (37); CB Xavier Rhodes, Florida State (49); CB Brandon Harris, Miami (45); S Davon Morgan, Virginia Tech (48); S Ray-Ray Armstrong, Miami (25); P Brian Saunders, Virginia Tech (48).


WR Dwight Jones, North Carolina (20); OT Jake Vermiglio, NC State (34); Paul Pinegar, Maryland (27). OG Thomas Claiborne, Boston College (34). C Beau Warren, Virginia Tech (22). TE Cooper Helfet, Duke (24); Andre Smith, Virginia Tech (23); RB Johnny White, North Carolina (22). QB T.J. Yates, North Carolina (21). PK Casey Barth, North Carolina (20). SP Marcus Gilchrist, Clemson (24).


DT J.R. Sweezy, NC State (26). LB Colin McCarthy, Miami (34); Abraham Kromah, Duke (30). CB Greg Reid, Florida State (20).

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Anonymous said...

Yates deserved to be over Wilson. No question about it. 148 QB ranking to 126. Higher completion %, fewer INTs, higher YPC.

Shows the media bias against UNC.

Anonymous said...

Bahaha... media bias against UNC? HAHAHA...

Anonymous said...

media conspiracy I think it goes all the way to the white house...... We gotta do something to fix this bias. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH only good thing Yates is all first team in is chugging beer.

Wolfey said...

UNC's Record is worse than NC State's, plus I believe Russell is 3-0 vs UNCheat and TJ Yikes is 0-4

Get over yourselves. Enjoy that bowl ban.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO! UNC SUCKS!!!!! But then again, so does Dook. Well, ya know......ALL N Cackalackie teams!

Anonymous said...

"Yates deserved to be over Wilson. No question about it."

I think the question was answered when Wilson ripped that 50 yard rush on 3rd down on UNC. Meanwhile how does Yates finish the game? Getting sacked for a safety.

The biggest joke is that Bruce Carter is a Butkus finalist and Irving isn't, and Carter can't even make the 1st team all conference

spank the dog said...

Yates will be playing on sunday period. Can you say Matt Ryan but drafted like Tom Brady. Money in the bank sonny !

Anonymous said...

BUTKUS FINALIST BRUCE CARTER on second team of the ACC....


Why there hasn't been an article about this fraud is beyond me.

Yates better than Wilson is baffling!? As well as the media bias AGAINST UNC. Crack is a dangerous drug.

Anonymous said...

Russell has thrown for more yardage, has won more games, and beat TJ Yates head-to-head. Media bias against UNC? I'd laugh if I could only stop crying. Enjoy the years of probation coming your way moron...

John W. said...

Can we quit talking about bowl bans and probation, at least?

There's no way any of that's happening. None of what occurred warrants such action by the NCAA.

And yes, Irving deserves to be a Butkus finalist like Yates deserves to be on the second team -- both decisions were the result of convoluted conspiracies.

That's excepting, of course, that Irving and Yates are both inferior (even though the stats don't bear that out) to the players with whom they are being compared.

Fans of both schools are presently so jaded, cynical and bitter (especially State fans). What happened to friendly rivalry?

Anonymous said...

"Can we quit talking about bowl bans and probation, at least?"

UNC's assistant head coach, John Blake, was taking money directly from an agent, then subsequently lied about his prior relationship. This is unprecedented. It pretty easily meets the NCAA's standard for lack of institutional control alone. Coupled with the academic fraud, it's assinine to think that UNC will not be sanctioned. If everything was on the up and up, don't you think John Blake would still be with the program?

Anonymous said...

Yates will be playing on Sunday? Is he in a gospel band or something?

ACC Sucks I am no part said...

TJ Yates will now be the head DJ at Suite on Sundays mixing an eclectic mix from beastie boys "I can't not drink for more than 7 hours," too Cher's "I need some D$%k, like no bodies business."

Anonymous said...

Oh dip! I'm just mad cause a turtle ate my ACC Championship ticket. Well atleast it is SIDNEY time.

Anonymous said...

Looks about right to me. Carolina fans stop your whining. You'll need to save some tears for basketball.

Anonymous said...

"None of what occurred warrants such action by the NCAA."

You are completely, totally, 100% disconected from reality.

Expect USC penalties, at a minimum. You had an associate head coach on an agent's payroll for the love of God!!!

Wake. Up. Man....

Anonymous said...

So funny that every time a unc fan tries to prop up yates they mention everything BUT.. let's see.. PASSING YARDS, PASSING TD's, RUSHING TD's, TOTAL WINS, HEAD to HEAD WINS...must i go on? yates is not in any conversation about legitimate qb's in Division I