Monday, November 22, 2010

No ACC suspensions for UNC's Reddick, N.C. State's Williams in scuffle

No suspensions will be assessed to North Carolina's Kevin Reddick or N.C. State's Jarvis Williams for their roles in an end-zone scuffle Saturday, ACC associate commissioner Michael Kelly said Monday.

Both players were given personal fouls and ejected from the 29-25 N.C. State win, but referee Brad Allen's report categorized them as flagrant fouls, not fighting fouls. The latter would have warranted one-game suspensions.

Asked Monday if there would be any follow-up punishment for Reddick, North Carolina coach Butch Davis said, "He got thrown out of the game," and left it at that. N.C. State's Tom O'Brien, meanwhile, said he expected Williams to be available when the Wolfpack takes on Maryland on Saturday.

The ejections occurred in the third quarter after N.C. State wide receiver Owen Spencer grabbed a tipped ball in the end zone for a pivotal touchdown on a fourth-and-goal play. Williams pushed Reddick in the chest with two hands and Reddick responded by throwing a punch at Williams.

O'Brien credited his team with again displaying good discipline against the Tar Heels in a contentious rivalry game and praised the work of Allen's officiating crew.

"I think the officials did a great job," he said. "They've got control of the game. What I'm really pleased is, the last two years we've been punched (by UNC players). And our kids haven't retaliated. ...

"I can only coach my football team. You get into that situation and their first reaction is to retaliate but we haven't done it, which shows the discipline we now enjoy and the character we have in our program. ...

"We took (tight end) George Bryan out of the game Saturday because he was on the verge of an incident. But I'm proud of the way our kids have handled that situation after being punched two years in a row."

Through a team spokesman, Davis declined to respond Monday.

After last year's game in Raleigh, North Carolina's Donte Paige-Moss took a swing at State's Sterling Lucas. Moss was suspended for one game and missed North Carolina's appearance in the Meineke Car Car Bowl in Charlotte.

Davis said last year that Moss pushed away a player who was "kind of taunting him and in his face" on the field after the Wolfpack's 28-27 win.

O'Brien then took issue with Davis' comments, replying that "in no way, shape or form did I see any of our players exhibit inappropriate behavior."

-- Luke DeCock


Anonymous said...

Blatant knee and cleat to the helmet of a defenseless player, followed by throwing a punch when a player chose to stand up for his does that not lead to Reddick being suspended? Unbelievable.

4 and ofer said...

I love the shots O'Brien continues to take a Butch Davis. Clearly when O'Brien is irked he speaks his mind in a PC/professional way. However, he DOES speak his mind.

The entire play shows Reddick with a knee on number 5 and obviously not able to handle a piece of what he dished out. There were 10 yr old kids at the Panther's game that were better behaved than these UNC players.

My what UNC has become!

ACC - Allowing Carolina to Cheat said...

The double standard of the ACC - in almost every other case a player who "throws a punch" has been suspended at least one game. This past year, D-Moss and now Reddick have been given the PASS on throwing haymakers at opponents in game.

Anonymous said...

The ACC Commission is so obviously lame and adverse to dishing any punishments out to UNC. Reddick stepped on the throat of a down opponent and Jarvis Williams responded with a shove, not a fist. Butch has given up leadership of this team and for the second year in a row, a UNC FB player shows his thug mentality and gets a minor offense. TOB took the high road, as did the Wolfpack players. Deal with the 4th loss in a row to inferior competition from Moo U BABY!! If only that $70M expansion were finished, they would show class and brilliant coaching too!

Anonymous said...

"Blatant knee and cleat to the helmet of a defenseless player, followed by throwing a punch when a player chose to stand up for his does that not lead to Reddick being suspended?"

With Butch still in charge, what else would you expect?

Anonymous said...

Of course, THE CAROLINA WAY, being supported by Johnny Swofford and the ACC Commission. Maybe they can fine Florida State's Women's Soccer team mo money to cover for it

Anonymous said...

Luke, go back and look at the video. Williams never "pushed Reddick in the chest with two hands" as you said. He may have said something to him, but nothing that deserved the punch thrown by the UNC thug.

Anonymous said...

The writer of this blog needs to go back and watch the replay. Williams didn't push Reddick. Reddick pushed Williams and then threw a punch.

Chapel Thrill 05 said...

Williams pushed him first?! HE SURE AS HELL DID NOT!!! He didn't freaking touch that punk a$$ Reddick! All he did is told him the score, and Reddick sucker punched him. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Anonymous said...

From all of these posts, it is clear that State fans are poor winners. You won the game and are still pissing vinegar. Move on and focus on the trophy at hand. Maybe one day you will actually act like winners and not whiners.

Chapel Thrill 05 said...

Maybe one day, you will learn to act appropriately when looking up towards your moral superiors from the trash heap of a program that you support.

SCPOAB said...

Tom OB is jacka$$ for his comments. His players did nothing? BS...they pushed and kids pushed back. A lot of trash talking goes on on the field. In that scrum on the field the players get knocked down and stepped on. The a Pack player pushes and kids push/swing back.
Get over it you cow college morons. The REF was standing right there and made the right call.
So TOB thinks his players have good judgment? They started the whole mess; they started last year too by talking smack.
Quit jawing if you don't want to get jawed.
The REFS made the right call. TOB isn't holding his guy out and neither should Butch.

SCPOAB said...

I guess Chapel Thrill 05 doesn't acknowledge the chest bump by the State player that started the whole mess.
That's right, Williams runs up and does a chest bump to Reddick. Reddick wasn't even near State's Williams and the cow college goon came across and throws a chest bump.
So Reddick pushes back and then punches at his helmet, a brushing blow at that.
Both players deserved to get tossed. Yes Chapel Thrill 05 I watched your video, and yes Williams started it, you moron.

Anonymous said...

Smart....swing at a guy with a helmet on. That same mentality/stupidity will give the UNC faithful all they can handle from the NCAA. The sanctions are coming...wonder how much whining will be happening then.

How's bball shaping up UNC CHEAT?

Beat Hofstra....easily
Lose to Minny....funny
Lose to Vandy...hilarious
Having Roy "complain about the intense focus on herald freshman Harrison Barnes, saying Barnes, who was held scoreless from the field, was just a basketball player and a human being, too. Williams, finally taking the quick route, added that his team and Barnes simply stunk and he takes full responsibility."

Clay said...

I believe Reddick started it as he knee'd Owen Spencer in the face absolutely on purpose... williams was the only one who saw it and he did something about it... Watch the video