Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No decision on UNC's Houston

North Carolina running back Ryan Houston might play against Virginia Tech. Then again, he might not.

Tar Heels coach Butch Davis said the decision to use Houston against the Hokies, or maintain his redshirt, will likely be made on Saturday.

"We haven't decided any of those right now," Davis said Wednesday on the weekly ACC coaches' teleconference, in answering a question about options at running back.

Houston, the team's leading rusher in 2009, has not played this season. He missed the first five games because of the NCAA investigation and has been held out of the past four games with the intent of redshirting.

With a season-ending injury to running back Johnny White in last Saturday's 37-35 win at Florida State, UNC's depth at running back has taken a hit.

"I've had conversations with Ryan," Davis said. "That will probably be a potential game-time decision."

Davis also played coy with the health of Shaun Draughn, who suffered an ankle injury in the fourth quarter of the Florida State win. Davis said UNC would release an injury report on Thursday with an update of Draughn's health.

Draughn was held out of the first game because of the NCAA investigation and lost the starting job to White. Draughn has rushed for 386 yards and four touchdowns but has 82 carries, compared to 130 for White (team-best 720 yards).

Senior Anthony Elzy, who is technically a fullback, and sophomore Hunter Furr are the other options at running back.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

UNC is running the shadiest football program in the history of college sports. No matter how they spin it or try to minimize the damage, that's always going to be there. Fighting sanctions and coverups have become actions now identified as "the Carolina Way." No matter what happens as far as sanctions go the brand has been damaged. That shows up as pride in your team and respect from your opponents. Pride comes from winning the right way, not by getting away with cheating.

Anonymous said...

I believe they have won 6 games without any of these said "cheaters" so I guess the guys on the field are playing the right way with pride....Cam Newton is shady and still playing, at least UNC has the class to keep them off the field where they have no impact on the final score...that cannot be disagreed upon.

Anonymous said...

They are still trying to figure out and fanagle a way for him to not get penalized for being suspended for academic cheating issues. They hope that his redshirt for this year will absolve the suspended games this year, if he plays, then he has 3 games + potential post season activity for taking one for Butch and the team

Anonymous said...

Discussing "what if's" is pointless. We win or lose with or without him so it really has no impact as far as I am concerned. Don't get so caught up because your upset that they havent closed the university, every school has infractions and UNC got caught and is dealing with it. Ultimately the NCAA will hand down their punishments so it's pointless to argue, fan or not.

Anonymous said...

and the award for largest overstatement of the year goes to...anonymous 1:31 for 'unc is running the shadiest football program in the history of college sports'...ever heard of USC

Anonymous said...

"and the award for largest overstatement of the year goes to...anonymous 1:31 for 'unc is running the shadiest football program in the history of college sports'...ever heard of USC"

Sorry -- USC is the second shadiest. UNC-CHeat is the shadiest. Agents, coaches as runners, players as runners, academic fraud, administrative stonewalling. The Carolina way indeed!

Anonymous said...

ABC'er can all go to he!! They simply hate it because the Heels will come out with no sanctions and it kills their hate filling souls!

GetaGripHaters said...

ABC'ers have their heads up their rear ends about the Tar Heel investigations. Do you really think your school doesn't have somebody cheating or accepting freebies? B.S. !! Wolfpackers, do you think Nate Irving never got a gift? As the ESPN talking heads are saying right now in reference to Cam Newton, everybody does it. Everybody meaning every team has some of this stuff going on. So get real, and realize you're lucky your school isn't being scrutinized.