Thursday, November 11, 2010

UNC severs ties with former football tutor

The University of North Carolina has sent a disassociation letter severing ties with Jennifer Wiley, the former tutor associated with the school and NCAA's investigation into possible academic misconduct within the Tar Heels football program.

In the letter, dated Nov. 5 and signed by athletic director Dick Baddour, states that Wiley provided impermissible academic assistance to some of the school’s student-athletes in 2009 and 2010.

The letter also states that Wiley provided impermissible financial assistance in excess of $2,000 in connection with travel and transportation issues. The university released the letters to the media this afternoon as the result of public records requests.

In a statement sent to the media by her lawyer, Joseph B Cheshire V of Raleigh, Wiley acknowledged her role in the investigation. The statement said the providing of funds mentioned in the letter she received from UNC related to allowing one individual to use her credit card where a credit card was required. According to the statement, bank deposit would show she was immediately repaid for the cost applied to her card, and she did not realize such a transaction was impermissible.

"She did not intend for her work to 'provide impermissible academic assistance' and to the extent it did, she is deeply saddened, particularly as it has affected the young men she cared so much about," the statement read.

Through Cheshire, Wiley requested privacy and said she would have no further comments at this time.

"Disassociation" from the program means that the school will not accept any assistance from Wiley or permit prospective or enrolled athletes to have contact with her, among other things.

Wiley is the third person whose disassociation letter has been released to the media in connection with the investigation. Former UNC player Chris Hawkins, who’s been labeled an agent by the NCAA, and Miami jeweler A.J. Machado are the others who have been disassociated.

UNC also released a document providing additional details of the investigation.

Reinstatement requests sent by the university to the NCAA indicate that impermissible gifts, including cash, jewelry and travel and entertainment expenses were provided to football players by:

•Former UNC player Hakeem Nicks ($3,300).

•Former UNC player Omar Brown ($1,865).

•Former UNC player Mahlon Carey ($140).

•Vernon Davis ($20).

•A person from Miami whose full name is not known to the university
Some of the benefits provided were repaid by the UNC players before they or their hosts knew that receipt of the benefits violated NCAA rules, according to UNC.

J. Andrew Curliss and Ken Tysiac


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