Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amato stops by, praises Pack's Wilson

As quarterback Russell Wilson walked into the N.C. State sports information office today, he ran into a familiar former coach.

Chuck Amato, the former Wolfpack coach to whom Wilson first committed before Amato was replaced by Tom O'Brien, was visiting campus. Amato hugged Wilson and told him that not long ago, he was talking to Bobby Bowden about Wilson.

Bowden and Amato decided that he reminded them of former Florida State Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Charlie Ward, with a stronger arm. Amato marveled at a desperation pass Wilson threw at the end of the game at Florida State last season while being tackled; Wilson estimated that it traveled 65 yards.

Amato is out of coaching this season. He wasn't retained at Florida State after Jimbo Fisher took over for Bowden. Amato also has undergone successful treatment for throat and neck cancer during the offseason.

He said being out of coaching this fall is driving him crazy, but otherwise seems in good health and high spirits. He'd come to campus to visit with friends today when he happened upon Wilson, who arrived at the sports information office for an interview with a reporter.

Amato congratulated Wilson on his success and said he is eager to watch him play more.

"It's always good to see him," Wilson said. "He's a great coach and a great man in general. I got to see him when I was getting recruited, and I see him every once in a while. I saw him at Florida State and all that kind of stuff. He's been a great asset to this program in the past, obviously, and he helped me get here along with Coach O'Brien as well."

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Would LOVE to see Amato become our Head of Recruiting! He still loves NC State and still has a place here.

Rex Kwando said...

I know "The Chest" hates not being on the field this year. But I'm glad to see that he's doing well.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE loves NC State like the chest!!!!
If the media would have left him alonr and he had a point here and a point there ...NCState would be a top 10 program with him still the coach...would love to have hi m back as well recruiting

Anonymous said...

Wolfpack in the house! As an NCSU alum, i loved Amato's enthusiam for the school. Amato's ability to recruit with Tom O'Brien's disclipine could work wonders for our program. Think Ohio State but without the annoying chant. Egos are always involved but do you think Amato and TOB would go for this?

Anonymous said...

i still hate to think what we could have achieved had chuck had russell wilson for one season. after rivers left we just had a bad string of luck with qb's who were decent coming out of high school but could never put it together in college. all amato lacked was a leader behind center. anywho getting him onboard for recruiting would be a no brainer in my book. when he talks kids listen for some reason and hes definitely capable of bringing in high profile talent.