Monday, November 23, 2009

UNC's Carter will return for senior season

North Carolina has a group of junior defenders contemplating skipping their final season for the NFL.

Junior linebacker Bruce Carter said Monday he's staying in school.

"I'm going to come back and finish my education, not only for me but for my family," Carter said.

The junior from Havelock ranks third on the team with 48 tackles. He also has two sacks and an interception return for a touchdown.

The Tar Heels defense, which ranks first in the ACC in total yards (261.6 yards per game) and scoring (15.9 points per game) has seven junior starters. Defensive tackle Marvin Austin, linebacker Quan Sturdivant, safety Deunta Williams and Carter are all considered NFL prospects.

Carter, who will graduate with a degree in communications, said the decision wasn't that difficult.

"I made up my mind a long time ago, I want to graduate and get my degree," Carter said.

-- J.P. Giglio


Nickname unavailable said...

As a UNC fan, I hope this is true - but apparently he never stated at the press conference that he would return to play football at UNC next year. He just talked about wanting to finish his education, which could happen even if he went to the NFL early. Maybe he said something in private that was different.

Hopefully the headline ends up being correct here.

The Savvy Writer said...

I'm a tar heel. But Carter should leave if he'll get a high pick. That goes for any college player. What of Carter has a career-ending injury. I hate to lose his presence as a fan, but wish him personal success first.