Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Containing Hudgins is huge ASU challenge

Appalachian State football coach Jerry Moore knows there are multiple challenges facing his seventh-ranked Mountaineers when they meet No. 6 Elon Saturday in what has become the Southern Conference championship game at Rhodes Stadium in Burlington.

Perhaps most important will be finding a way to contain Elon wide receiver Terrell Hudgins, who has 25 career 100-yard receiving games and 362 career receptions, the most in Division I history.

"If you break Jerry Rice’s record you’re probably pretty good," Moore said on a conference call Tuesday.

"He’s a great player. He has a world of talent. He’s a guy you’re going to have to deal with him. That’s all there is to it.

"A guy like that is going to make some plays on you. You hope you have a good enough scheme to keep those things to a minimum. That guy can grab it with one hand. He can probably get two fingers around the ball and catch it."

So how will the Mountaineers defend Hudgins, knowing Saturday's winner will clinch the Southern Conference's automatic bid to the FCS playoffs?

"You can only put 11 out there. How many are you going to surround him with? I don’t know," Moore said.
-- Ron Green Jr.


Anonymous said...

Elon is not in Burlington.

brian said...

What You expected the observer to know that. The dont cover a top 10 team in NC unless the play Davidson or APP. If the did bore then a small blurb each week they would know more about he Phoenix instead of making mistakes in every article they write.

Anonymous said...

elon is basically in burlington, get a life guys. its like the difference in myers park to southpark.

as for the game, go Elon!

Richard said...

Elon in Burlington makes as much since as a Fighting Christian does

Anonymous said...

elon is the favorite in this game

Anonymous said...

Coach Moore is being coy and knows exactly what to do... let Cortez Gilbert play tight with a little help over the top from Mark Legree.
Should be a good game, but Armanti Edwards works his magic once again.

The question should be how does Elon stop AE?

Mountaineers by 7 - Go Apps!

Anonymous said...

Question: How did Hudgins do against App last year?

Julius Coxswain said...

ASU has a speed advantage over Elon and the rest of the SoCon. I think Elon has enough talent this year to neutralize the speed of App's skill players.

Phoenix by 10. Elon should host a game in the first round of the FCS playoffs. I would love to see them play South Carolina State.

Anonymous said...

Elon goes down...hard. They'll be surprised how bad App beats them.

Anonymous said...

Hudgins has done fine against App in the past. Last year in the snow/rain/ice/sleet he didn't have a ton of yards but still caught a TD.

Equal offenses, Elon with a much better defense. Add the home advantage....Elon by 6-10 points.

Greg said...

Go Elon!!! I'll be there pulling hard for a Phoenix win, but App is a tremendous opponent and their offense will be quite the challenge for Elon's defense. Win or lose, either team should make the playoffs and I'm looking forward to a great game on Saturday by the top two programs in the conference.

Anonymous said...

He's 0-3 and was shut down last year.

Anonymous said...

Not only did App dominate the game, but App fans dominated the stadium... we had almost half the crowd down there which doesn't speak well for Elon. Plus I think we were ten times louder.

5 straight SoCon titles!! GO MOUNTAINEERS!!