Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ACC admits officiating error to O'Brien

N.C. State has announced that football coach Tom O'Brien has been informed by ACC officiating coordinator Doug Rhoads that a key play in last week's loss to Clemson should have been ruled a fumble.

According to a note released to the media by N.C. State, Rhoads said a play in the third quarter was a fumble that would have given the ball to the Wolfpack with Clemson leading 24-14.

Officials initially ruled that Clemson running back C.J. Spiller was down and the play was dead before Clem Johnson stripped the ball away. O'Brien challenged the call, but a replay review upheld it.

N.C. State's note to the media said Rhoads told O'Brien that the call should have been overturned and ruled a fumble.

Ken Tysiac


704Champ said...

Another apology about a blown call for the Wolfpack, after the fact, when its too late.

The refs also admitted a clock error at the end of the first half of the Pittsburgh game. Thankfully we won that game despite the error.

Honestly though the bad call didn't cost us the Clemson game. CJ Spiller cost us the Clemson game, he is just that good.

Still, you're always going to have bad calls when you have 65 year olds trying to run and keep up with 19 year olds. Can we please get some recently retired players to ref football games???

Anonymous said...

The ACC apologizes to Clemson and Dabo Swinney for ever reviewing the play. The Clemson Tigers clearly ran a play following the questionable no - call with no timeout being granted to NC State prior to the snap of the ball. This is also confirmed by the replay.

Anonymous said...

The ACC apologizes to Obrien for not calling the timeout that let klempsum run the play after the fumble, despite the fact a ref was standing 3' away from him and could clearly see him signalling timeout.

The ACC clearly does not apologize for having substandard officials however, since they continue hiring the same idiots over and over and over. Ron Cherry anyone?

Anonymous said...

A blown call on the field is excusable, but a replay official getting the play wrong should result in a suspension.

Anonymous said...

Not saying it would have changed the outcome, but after that review you could see all the wind go out of NCSU's sails.

The ACC, in general, is a joke. It starts at the top with Swofford and filters down to the clowns in stripes on the field every Saturday.

Anonymous said...

bad acc football deserves bad refs