Monday, September 28, 2009

Virginia impresses Tar Heels' Davis

Virginia's 0-3 with a home loss to a Division I-AA team but the Cavaliers have a fan in UNC coach Butch Davis.

Davis called the Cavaliers a "talented" and "dangerous" football team on Monday. Maybe it's because Davis is 0-2 against UVa as UNC's head coach, or maybe Davis is genuinely impressed.

"Look at the film, don't read the newspapers, don't listen to talk radio, look at the film," Davis said. "The film says this is a talented, good football team."

Virginia's coming off a bye week after opening the season with a 26-14 home loss to Richmond, a 30-14 home loss to Texas Christian and a 37-34 road loss to Southern Miss.

The Hoos are making a rough transition to a spread offense under first-year coordinator Gregg Brandon. They rank last in the ACC in total yards (278.3 yards per game) and scoring (20.7 points per game).

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

Really Butch? Really? Propping up an 0-3 team that lost to WILLIAM AND MARY? Is he already setting up excuses if somehow UNC doesn't beat them? I don't think UVA can really score on UNC. But then again I'm not so sure UNC can score on them either.

Anonymous said...


LOL at Butch's lowered expectations. Great money we spent on this joker.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Butch is already covering his tracks, anticipating a loss against the ACC's doormat.

When was the last time the Heels beat UVA? It's gotta be over 5 years.

Anonymous said...

This is truly pitiful. LOL! I wonder how many fair weather UNC fans will "call in sick" this Saturday at Kenan. If you look at the upcoming schedule for UNC:

Miami: Loss
FSU: Loss
NC State: Loss

Anonymous said...

The house of cards is crumbling before Butch Davis' eyes. How many new position coaches did UNC have this season? Five? That does not bode well for UNC.

Anonymous said...

That's some bacon right there. Or is it corn? Ah hell, I can't figure it out, actually.

Anonymous said...

I spose you morons would prefer if Coach Davis were to say "UVa sux out loud; we're pretty much preparing for Georgia Southern this week & next". And for the genius ABCer who's already chalked up Tar Heel losses before they happen, how 'bout we see how those chickens hatch first Gomer?

Anonymous said...

For the wishful-thinker who thinks that Coach Davis' staff is undergoing a Groh-like implosion, the correct answer is (3) new assistants: TE coach was offered and took a similar position with the Cleveland Browns, ST coach is the new Defensive Coordinator with the Miami Hurricanes, and the LB coach is coaching DBs at Auburn (admittedly a tough loss, and the only one remotely resembling your bogus theory). It's actually encouraging to have coaches who are in demand from other organizations, maybe it'll happen to your favorite team sometime?