Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hey, ref! Back judge trips Elon CB

WINSTON-SALEM -- Wake Forest receiver Chris Givens ran straight down the field, unable to shake free from Elon cornerback Karlos Sullivan.

Then the back judge stepped in.

Tommy Pace inadvertently tripped Sullivan just as he reached the end zone Saturday. Both the official and the cornerback sprawled to the turf, just as a suddenly wide-open Givens caught Riley Skinner's 54-yard pass in the end zone untouched.

Pace got up, hustled a few yards and signaled touchdown as Sullivan looked on incredulously, palms pointed to the sky.

Officials are considered part of the field, so Elon could do nothing about it as Wake Forest took a 21-0 lead.

-- Associated Press


Anonymous said...

WF slipped the ref some cash under the table...

Tuesdy said...

I was at the game. The ref tripped the defender, but Givens had to turn and make one heck of a catch for the touchdown. Givens was already by him by two steps.