Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Flag has special meaning

The American flag that former N.C. State football player Drew Wimsatt kept behind the seat of his helicopter in Afghanistan will lead the Wolfpack onto the field tonight as the Wolfpack plays host to South Carolina in the season opener.

Wimsatt, who played for N.C. State in 2001 and 2002, is a 1st Lieutenant in the Marines flying missions in his Cobra attack helicopter. O'Brien said Wimsatt sent him the flag, which was kept in the helicopter with him for a month in April.

"It's seen combat, heroic acts and everything else," said O'Brien, who served in the Marines himself.

As the team comes onto the field, O'Brien has the American flag and the North Carolina state flag carried on to the field by the top scout team players of the week. On Thursday, Paul Horst and Mark Walker will carry the flags.

O'Brien explained the plan Wednesday at the Raleigh Sports Club's weekly lunch meeting. He joked that whoever carries the American flag will have to be strong, because it's larger than the one the team usually carries.

Plan for Glennon. O'Brien's plan for backup quarterback Mike Glennon in the opener might not carry through for the rest of the season.

O'Brien plans to start Russell Wilson against South Carolina and bring redshirt freshman Mike Glennon into the game for a series or two in the second quarter.

"We may not do this every game," O'Brien said. "We're just looking to get him some experience."
O'Brien left no doubt that Wilson is the starter and the team has no plans to work the quarterbacks on an alternating basis.

Redshirt plans. O'Brien plans to redshirt a majority of the freshman class, but identified one first-year player who will play immediately.

Rashard Smith, who returned an interception for a touchdown in his first scrimmage, will be a backup at field cornerback. James Washington, a freshman running back who enrolled early and participated in spring practice, also has a shot at playing, particularly if seniors Toney Baker and Jamelle Eugene don't stay healthy.

Ken Tysiac


Anonymous said...

Tonight? What are you smoking? The game is TOMORROW night!

Anonymous said...

Come on, Ken! As everyone knows and TOB has reiterated more times than we can count now... the game is 7:03 TOMORROW night!!

Let's go Pack!