Monday, September 28, 2009

Officiating chief admits error from Pack vs. Pitt

A timing error by the officiating crew and a brief malfunction of the instant replay review system combined to cost N.C. State valuable seconds at the end of the second quarter Saturday, Big East officiating coordinator Terry McAulay said Monday.

McAulay said the Big East crew improperly started the clock after a dead-ball false start penalty against N.C. State’s Julian Williams while the ball was at the Pittsburgh 2-yard line. The previous play had been an incomplete pass, so the clock should have remained stopped.

"Unfortunately the referee and the crew made a misstep," McAulay said.

The mistake caused N.C. State to call timeout and then kick a field goal on third down. The Wolfpack, which won 38-31 despite the error, should have had time to go for the end zone on third down before kicking a field goal on fourth down, if necessary.

McAulay said that by rule "egregious" timing errors such as that can be corrected in an instant replay review. But the replay system at Carter-Finley Stadium was malfunctioning and officials were switching to a backup system when the problem occurred.

ACC officiating coordinator Doug Rhoads said the replay glitches occurred shortly before the play in question and were fixed by the second half.

N.C. State coach Tom O’Brien said Rhoads told him Saturday night that a mistake was made.

"But what good does it do me now?" O’Brien said.

McAulay said the play would count against the officials’ grade for the game and the season. On every play, officials receive grades that count toward an overall season score that helps determine whether they are assigned to postseason games.

Although the game was played at an ACC facility, it’s common for an officiating crew from the visiting team’s conference – in this case the Big East - to be assigned to a game.

Ken Tysiac


704Champ said...

Even the Big East refs couldn't stop RUSSELL WILSON from doing what he does

kickazzz2000 said...

Wow, an apology for an'll never see that from Ron Cherry or ACC officials!

WolfPack_fan said...

ACC officials can't appologize for mistakes....they wouldn't have time to eat, sleep, .... or officiate.

Holding? What's that? Face mask? What color was the helmet?

But the Big East guys are competitive.... Mr want a conference? Sure. Wait, you want us to stop play for another one because you didn't like the first one? Sure. Wait.... Wandstat said it might have been intentional grounding, let's discuss it, he's in charge.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to give Ron Cherry "the business."

Anonymous said...

Has Rhoads apologized to Paul Johnson for the officials' failure to stop the game clock for a first down near the end of the first half vs UNC?

Anonymous said...

So the ref/timekeeper made an egregious timing error at the same time the replay system was not working in CF stadium. The result being State gets screwed out of a chance to score a TD and settling for a FG at the end of the half, while down 10 points at the time.

Thanks Observer for the clarity. Was the ref a one-armed man in a black helicopter, because that is par for the course.

Charles Boyer said...

So basically, the refs gave State the business.