Thursday, September 10, 2009

Injury issues for UNC's O-line

UNC could be missing two starting offensive lineman against Connecticut on Saturday. Left guard Jonathan Cooper and center Lowell Dyer are listed as questionable on the injury report released Thursday.

Cooper sprained his right ankle early in UNC's 40-6 win over The Citadel. The redshirt freshman finished the first half but sat out the second. He did not practice Wednesday and would have to make significant progress to play on Saturday. Junior Greg Elleby, a converted defensive end, would start at left guard in Cooper's place. Elleby played the second half in Cooper's spot.

With the focus on Cooper's injury, Dyer's status had been under the radar. He has a shoulder injury, according to the injury report. Cam Holland, a sophomore, would replace Dyer at center.

UNC used 10 offensive linemen against The Citadel and coach Butch Davis said he would feel comfortable using as many as eight linemen against UConn. UNC's line depth was depleted this offseason with the exits of Aaron Stahl (graduation), Kevin Bryant (personal reasons) and the season-ending knee injury to Carl Gaskins.

Two true freshmen, Travis Bond and Brennan Williams, and a walk-on, Sam Ellis, played in the opener, which saw the Heels roll up 261 rushing yards.

-- J.P. Giglio


Anonymous said...

Shocker! The State Alum is at it again trying to make Carolina look like they are in turmoil. Why don't you do even a minute of research prior to posting crap...both of these guys WILL play this week and that was announced by Butch himself. How a person is allowed to continue to cover a team they hate, when reporting is supposed to be unbiased speaks to the sad decline of the N&O.

Well, this is easily fixed...I've already cancelled my N&O subscription because of you and now I will no longer even visit until this clown is no longer there. I urge all Heels to do the same as hits help them keep their jobs.

Anonymous said...

In my best Curly Bill voice:

Well . . . bye!

Anonymous said...

You get the N&O? That's the Raleigh paper. Here it's the Charlotte Observer.

I don't think he's making Carolina look like their in turmoil. I think he's just stating that 2 o-linemen are injured. It is good information to know considering even if they play tomorrow, they may not be even close to at 100%. If anything, he's giving Carolina good excuses for not being in tip-top shape. Don't whine so much!

Anonymous said...

You got room to talk about anyone in the media being slanted one way. Try reading the paper in almost every town in NC and typically all you find is a sickening article after article about how wonderful the Tarbabies are at everthing, even the backgammon team LOL. I think that most of UNC's players major in that subject. I remember one QB from Ricmond HS that took the SAT 4 times and never scored over 450, he went to a prep school, then played all 4 years for UNC. I wonder what his major was? By the way, be sure to get BD to stop trying to walk on water because he really can't even come close to doing that.