Friday, December 11, 2009

Tudor's Take: Pros and cons at Kansas for Holtz

ECU's Skip Holtz said no to one basketball school, Syracuse in 2008, but the football coaching job at Kansas is a more appealing offer is extended.

After leading the Pirates to a second straight Conference USA championship, Holtz clearly is in the Kansas mix. He and Jayhawk athletic director Lew Perkins are tight.

Perkins, then at Connecticut, hired Holtz to his first head coaching post in 1994. Whether Perkins can duplicate the same move may be known fairly fast. In his search to replace Mark Mangino, Perkins' primary shopping list consists of Holtz, Buffalo's Turner Gill, Central Michigan's Butch Jones and perhaps Stanford's Jim Harbaugh and former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville.

Unless that group is expanded, Holtz and the Gill have to rate as the most likely targets. It would be a shock if Harbaugh left Stanford and redshirt freshman quarterback star Andrew Luck for at least another year or two.

Tuberville, who seemingly wants the job, may lack traction with Perkins.

Although Mangino's teams went 12-1 in 2007 and 8-5 in 2008, Kansas football can be a risky venture. In nine seasons at Lawrence, his teams went 50-48 and 23-41 against the Big 12.

Kansas has plenty of money, fans, impressive facilities and a better year-round climate than Syracuse. But football will always be the second sport at Kansas and even in the unimposing North Division, it's not easy to survive in the Big 12. Once mighty Nebraska has struggled to some extent over the past few seasons.

Virtually everything about Big 12 football hinges on recruiting the states of Texas and California, both of which have been difficult areas for Kansas to harvest. Gill, 37, is a former Nebraska star and native Texan but has a 20-30 overall record at Buffalo.

Holtz, 45, and his staff have almost no direct ties to either Texas or California, but is 38-26 at ECU.

But as the coach job-hopping process plays out this month and next, don't forget that it almost always helps to be in a BCS automatic qualifier conference. -- Caulton Tudor


pirate said...

Carlton, your article's title should be "Observations from the END ZONE"; if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...


J-Hawk said...

And no, we don't know what you mean...

Anonymous said...

He is not going to Kansas. I swear the media keeps this up to try and keep ECU down. Tudor why don't you show some facts on how Holtz makes almost 2 million a year if he produces while at ECU. Is that going to go up a whole lot at Kansas? No, a small raise is not worth leaving Eastern NC for the wasteland of Kansas as far as his family is concerned. If you say no to Syracuse you say no to Kansas. Quot belittling wat ECU is doing witht hese stupid articles.
I never saw one article talking about Butch to Notre Dame even thouh ESPN had him as one of the 4 coaches being looked at.....WHY Carlton? said...

Mr. Tudor,

Come over from the Dark Side.

Go Pirates!

Anonymous said...

its always funny this time of yr when skip is leaving ECU You ever wonder why butch and tob are never mentioned in coaching chgs?
both are examples of the peter principle and noone else wants them

J-Hawk Jr. said...

Uuhh... I believe it's Caulton not Carlton......

Anonymous said... is an opinion piece. You know what opinions are most commonly compared to.