Thursday, December 10, 2009

ASU's Montana forecast: Cold, maybe some snow

At Appalachian State, they pride themselves on being able to handle winter weather.

But the Mountaineers may want to pack an extra set of handwarmers just in case for their Saturday afternoon playoff game in Missoula, Mt.

The good news is the forecast for the 2 p.m. kickoff is considerably better than it has been around Missoula this week. For several days, the temperature has hovered close to zero with a howling wind making it feel somewhere south of miserable.

According to Accu-Weather, game day in Missoula should have a high temperature of 24 degrees with a chance for light snow, possibly accumulating up to one inch. The wind, however, is expected to be relatively calm.

It snowed shortly before kickoff in Richmond, Va., last Saturday night and the Mountaineers won 35-31 on a cold, damp night so they have a sense of what they're in for going west.

Had Saturday's game been in Boone instead, it would feel almost balmy with a high temperature predicted in the mid 30s.
-- Ron Green Jr.


Anonymous said...

You know, Montana that's pretty cold, better bring a coat.